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[Purchasing] [Purchasing Manual] Purchase Control System Security

The Purchase Control System (PCS) is an electronic authorizing system. Therefore, security for your accounts is very important. All departments are responsible for notifying the Purchasing Department when there is a change in account responsibility, data entry and/or authorizing access. As people change positions, transfer around or leave campus, their PCS access remains active until it is deleted at your request.

The Purchasing Department does not initiate or enter requests into PCS. Requests for purchase orders are to be submitted from the departments to Purchasing using PCS. Request for purchase orders submitted on IR1400 forms will not be processed and will be returned to the department to submit via PCS. For this reason, it is important to cross-train persons who would serve in the role as back-up support.

Employees new to ISRS request access from Minnesota State by completing Request for Minnesota State Systems User ID form.

Once the employee receives Minnesota State access, the person responsible for the cost center requests PCS access for the new originator. The RP authorizes access by e-mailing Jane Torborg the cost center and the name of the employee accessing the cost center.

If an employee leaves the department the RP also e-mails Jane Torborg to rescind the access.