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Business Serivces

[Purchasing] [Purchasing Manual] Purchasing of $50,000 or more

If the amount of the purchase order is estimated as $50,000 or more, Purchasing will conduct a sealed bid process. If the purchase is from an approved state contract, only one written quote from that vendor referencing the state contract number is required.


  1. Enter your request through PCS with all specs, special requests and estimated amounts.
  2. Indicate in the memo a list of suggested vendors and their current addresses, e-mail addresses of vendor contact representative, phone and fax numbers.
  3. Reference the purchase order number on your attachments and/or additional specifications and send them to pre-audit in Purchasing.
  4. Release your request to the Purchasing Department (050 status.)
  5. The Purchasing Department will proceed with the bid process under the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities purchasing guidelines. (Your order will be at a 200 status until bid opening.)
  6. You can review the memo of your purchase order request for information regarding the upcoming bid opening date and other pertinent information as it becomes available.
  7. After the bid opening, the bid will be awarded, and the purchase order will be approved and printed (450 status).
  8. Purchasing will send the original printed purchase order to the Responsible Person for the account . Be sure to make a copy for your files.

If you pick up the order (or if your order was delivered or sent to you directly) BE SURE TO CALL RECEIVING @8-4713 so they can release the receiving copy. This is required before an invoice can be paid.