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[Purchasing] [Purchasing Manual] Purchasing $15,000 - $50,000

If the amount of the purchase is estimated as $15,000 or more, but less than $50,000, the purchase may be made by obtaining two or more written quotations, (one being the successful vendor). If the purchase is from an approved state contract vendor then one written quote from that vendor referencing the state contract number is all that is required. Quotations may be obtained in written form via Facsimile (Fax), US Postal Service, Delivery Service, or Internet. Quotations must have a specific date and time for submission. All quotations obtained will be kept in Purchasing on file until audited. Please download the quote form (DOC) and use at your convenience. DO NOT give out the purchase order number to the vendor until the PO has been approved by Purchasing and in the 450 status.

Valid quote must include:

  • Name of company
  • Signature of company representative
  • Delivery charges are FOB Destination
  • Date of quote
  • Price
  • Valid for 30 days


  1. Enter your purchase order request through PCS.
  2. In memo of purchase order, indicate “quotes are being forwarded to Purchasing” and be sure to write the purchase order number on the quotes for ease of matching up in pre-audit.
  3. Indicate in Header Page 2, under “Instructions to Vendor” the name of the successful vendor representative and date of bid (i.e. As per quote of Mary Smith 10-06-04.)
  4. Reference the purchase order number on your attachments and send them to pre-audit in Purchasing, AS123. You may fax them to Purchasing @ 8-4175 or e-mail to Jane Torborg.
  5. Release your request to the Purchasing Department (050 status).
  6. From this point, quotes are reviewed and approved to a 450 status code.
  7. Purchasing will send the original printed purchase order to the Responsible Person for the account. Be sure to make a copy for your files.

Note: Purchasing reserves the right to re-bid any purchase order request if quotes are unacceptable or if no quotes are submitted.

If you pick up the order (or if your order was delivered or sent to you directly) BE SURE TO CALL RECEIVING @ 8-4713 so they can release the receiving copy. This is required before an invoice can be paid.