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Business Serivces

[Purchasing] [Purchasing Manual] Purchasing up to $15,000

Purchases less than $15,000 do not require written quotes. The $15,000 limit is not by item, but by total purchase. The requester is encouraged, however, to check with more than one vendor to obtain the lowest price. Do not give out the purchase order number to the vendor until it has been approved by Purchasing (450 status.)

Purchasing cards may be used for purchases for many purchases under $15,000. Refer to the Purchasing Card Manual for additional information.


  1. Enter your purchase order request through PCS.
  2. Indicate in the memo if you have any information in connection with this request, or any quotes, forms or other documents that you may be sending to Purchasing as an attachment.
  3. Reference the purchase order number on your attachments and send them to pre-audit in Purchasing.
  4. Release your request to the Purchasing Department (050 status).
  5. The Purchasing Department will proceed with the processing of your order under Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Purchasing guidelines.
  6. When your purchase order is approved and printed, it will be at 450 status (open purchase order.)
  7. Purchasing will send the original printed purchase order to the Responsible Person for the account. Be sure to make a copy for your files.

If you pick up the order (or if your order was delivered or sent to you directly) BE SURE TO CALL RECEIVING @ 8-4713 so they can release the receiving copy. This is required before an invoice can be paid.