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[Purchasing] [Purchasing Manual] IT Purchasing

IT resources purchased by St. Cloud State University are state property and fall under the statutes and policies noted below. SCSU Information Technology Services oversees technology purchases. Purchases of these items must be processed on a purchase order or ordered through IT Purchasing, they may NOT be purchased on most Purchasing cards.

Computers and Printers

Purchases such as computers can still be initiated with your primary technician(s). They will be able to best instruct you on the device that will work in your department and within the campus environment.


Including televisions, monitors, smart boards, projectors, etc.

Mobile Devices/Cellular Phone/Smart Phone/Tablets

Employees must review and verify their cellular phone usage on billing documents sent by IT Purchasing. Managers and supervisors are responsible for monitoring and reviewing cellular phone billings of their staff on a monthly basis to ensure proper employee usage and cost-effectiveness, and for approving billings for payment processing. IT Purchasing processes a charge back to the cost center tied to the phone.

Departments who choose to purchase cellular phones/plans must annually review cell phone users and determine if the need still exists for employee usage, and if the existing calling plan still meets the users’ needs.

The use of state cellular phones for personal use is prohibited. Improper use of this equipment will result in disciplinary action in accordance with applicable laws, rules, procedures and labor contracts. The purchase of prepaid cellular phones and prepaid phone cards is prohibited.

Employees are eligible for reimbursement of business calls on their personal cell phones with departmental approval. To be reimbursed, copies of the cellular phone service provider invoices identifying state business calls attached to the Employee Business Expense form and approved by the manager/supervisor is submitted to Business Services

Copiers (Multi-Purpose Devices)

All multi-purpose devices are administrated through IT Purchasing under a CSC contract with Marco. IT Purchasing will bill the department through the charge back system.

If you have questions on multipurpose devices, please call ext. 8-4375.

Software Agreements and Licenses

For those attempting to purchase IT-related goods that have associated legal documents (such as Terms and Conditions, a User License Agreement, a Privacy Policy, a contract, etc.), you will need to submit a hard-copy of all applicable legal documentation for IT review. Please be advised that almost all software purchases come with legal documentation. These hard-copies can be provided to Crystal May (MC 112-16), and she will follow up if more information is needed. If there is a cost associated with the request, you will need to submit a purchase order through Business Services or contact Crystal May to have this purchased through IT Purchasing.

IT Purchasing Contacts

Mark Swan
Purchasing and Billing Specialist
MC 112-13
Phone: 320-308-4890

Statutes and Policies

IT resources purchased by St. Cloud State University are state property and fall under the following statutes and policies: