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Business Serivces

[Purchasing] [Purchasing Manual] Proprietary Advertising

Definition: Proprietary advertising is for marketing purposes. It enables the University to reach a specific audience with information. Most advertising is considered proprietary (sole source) because of the specific audience being addressed, the choice of specific radio or television stations, during certain time periods, or the necessity to advertise in a specific publication to reach a particular market.

Proprietary advertising is for the rental of billboards, payment for time on radio and television, and payment for advertising space in written publications. Proprietary advertising is not for vendors that make/create the “ads.” That would follow the policy for professional/technical services contracts.

Policy: Proprietary advertising is considered sole source.

Procedure: A purchase order request is processed through PCS. Any purchase order of $15,000 or more will require one written quote. In the memo of the purchase order request, the department will indicate that the purchase is proprietary advertising and one quote is being sent to Business Services.

Purchases over $100,000 will require approval from Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Vice Chancellor-Chief Financial Officer.