The Underground

The Underground


Monday-Wednesday 11am - 10pm
Thursday-Friday 11am - 11:30pm
Saturday Noon - 11:30pm
Sunday Noon - 10pm


Front Desk: 320-308-3773

Located in the basement of the Atwood Memorial Center.

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St. Cloud State Food and Beverage Requirements

Chartwells Food Services is the exclusive provider of food for events in the Underground and Atwood Memorial Center.  No food and beverages will be sold or served in Atwood Memorial Center (AMC) or on the adjacent malls, unless purchased through or prepared by, Chartwells, AMC Convenience Store and/or AMC.  This is in accordance with Minnesota State Law, Minnesota State, and St. Cloud State University policies and contracts.

Choose Package

Deluxe $139

1/4 sheet custom cake (serves 20)
Three lanes & shoes
2 large one-topping pizzas
2 two-liter sodas

Pizza $119

Three lanes & shoes
2 large one-topping pizzas
2 two-liter sodas

Cake $99

1/4 sheet custom cake (serves 20)
three lanes & shoes

Food Selections

am pm


Additional two-liters - $3.00 each

Diet Coke
Mello Yello


Additional pizzas - $13.00 each


Other: (Please enter topping and number)

1/4 Sheet Cake

Chocolate White Marble



$20 Additional 1/4 sheet cake

Additional Bowling/Billiards

Extra lanes @ $15.00 each:

Extra half hour @ $10.00 each:

Extra Billiard Table @ $5.00/hr each:

$5 upcharge from soda to lemonade (Pizza and Deluxe Packages only) 

Please remember that this is only a request, we cannot guarantee availability. Wait for your confirmation which will be sent to the E-mail address submitted above, normally within 48 hours of your request.