Atwood Memorial Center

Space Use Policy

Date Revised: August, 2014

The following policies pertain to all areas within Atwood Memorial Center and the mall areas on the east, west and south sides of the building.

In keeping with the goals and objectives of St. Cloud State University, the purpose and function of Atwood Memorial Center shall be to provide a comprehensive program of social, recreational and cultural activities as well as physical facilities for students, faculty, alumni and various non-university groups and individuals. The following policies shall serve as guidelines regarding all use of the facility Atwood Memorial Center.

I. The use of the facilities and space of Atwood Memorial Center shall be available to:

  1. Recognized student organizations
  2. University community
    1. Faculty and staff organizations
    2. College programs, divisions or areas
    3. Alumni Association
    4. Continuing Education
    5. Institutional events
  3. Groups outside the university community
    1. Community organizations
    2. Community governmental organizations and associations
    3. Regional, state or national organizations
    4. Non-profit groups
    5. Related state and federal government agencies

II. Scheduling regulations

  1. PRIORITY: As a general rule, scheduling for space and facilities will be done on a first-come, first-served basis. Individuals are encouraged to make reservations no later than two working days in advance. Effort will be made to meet last minute requests when possible.
  2. Reservations for the use of facilities and space in Atwood Memorial Center shall be made in the Conference and Scheduling Office.
    1. RIGHT OF STAFF TO CANCEL/MAKE CHANGES: The administrative staff of Atwood Memorial Center reserves the right to cancel a reservation if it conflicts in any way with the general policy of the university or Atwood Memorial Center. Atwood Memorial Center also reserves the right, under special circumstances, to make room changes. Considerable care will be given to ensure comparable meeting space is given. Atwood administration will attempt to notify the group in advance, but may make a change without discussing the change with the group.
    2. ROOM SET-UPS: Arrangements for changes in room setups or placement of equipment shall be given to the Conferences and Scheduling Office no later than two working days prior to the scheduled event.
    3. SCHEDULING MULTIPLE ROOMS: When a meeting room request is submitted for an event that requires the booking of multiple meeting rooms, the Scheduling Office reserves the right to hold one large (capacity of 75+) smart meeting room for other requests. This alternate room shall be one of the following: Alumni, Glacier, Cascade, Voyageurs North or Voyageurs South. This policy does not apply to student organizations. Two weeks before the event, the room can be reserved by the group if it is still available.
  3. ACCESS TO RESERVABLE SPACE: Atwood Memorial Center staff shall have complete access to the reserved activity area at all times. The staff may terminate a scheduled activity if any incidents occur that might jeopardize the general well being of the building or its patrons.
  4. FAILURE TO COMPLY: Groups using Atwood Memorial Center facilities shall agree to comply with all regulations governing the union and the university campus. Any individual or organization or department violating the policies for use of Atwood Memorial Center may be denied the right to schedule facilities for future activities. This would include failure to reconcile within 60 days outstanding charges to Atwood Memorial Center or Dining Services.
  5. UNION ROOM: Only registered student organizations or student service offices housed in Atwood are allowed to use this room during the academic year.