Tk20: Assessment Management System (AMS)

Why did SCSU purchase Tk20?

The impetus for the Tk20 purchase was the identification in the HLC Quality Initiative of the need for a database system to collect and manage assessment data, analysis and reporting.  With the change in their accreditation criteria, the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) is no longer satisfied with generalities about assessment. The HLC requires evidence of assessment that includes “closing the loop”: regular, systematic analysis of assessment data and proof of changes made based upon the results of the analysis.

More importantly, Tk20 will provide an environment for programs to design, collect, analyze and report on student learning within courses, programs and the institution that can be used to informed conversations about changes and improvement to enhance student learning and success.

Finally, we are implementing Tk20 to improve data management and continuity. Papers get lost. People leave or retire. As a consequence, information and knowledge are lost, which is problematic as we work together to create a file of evidence for accrediting bodies and the Board of Trustees. This system should lessen the impact of these issues.

What process did we use to select Tk20?

The Assessment Steering Committee (ASC) and the Office of Strategy Planning and Effectiveness put out an RFP in June 2012.
The ASC met and created a list of critical and beneficial features, and grouped them as “must haves” and “would be nice to haves”.  The list of features was embedded into the RFP and became part of the ASC rubric used to rate each of the systems. Five vendors responded to the RFP. The ASC met over two days in August 2012 and listened to the vendors’ demos, and sales pitches. The ASC ranked the systems based upon the aforementioned features, as well as price.

We invited the top two contenders, TaskStream and TK20, to campus for open, live demonstrations and solicited feedback from campus.
We sent out multiple email announcements to campus, inviting everyone to come, see the demonstrations, and provide us with their feedback. Accredited programs like education and nursing made up the bulk of our audience, as well as, members of the ASC. We tallied the results of our feedback forms.

TK20 offered SCSU the most comprehensive solution to our Assessment needs.
Unlike previous systems, the entire campus will be using it, not just a portion (of campus). This includes all academic, non-academic and co-curricular units. Further, Tk20 has functions that “face” in different directions, depending upon the needs of each of its users—students, faculty, administrators, and field experience or internship coordinators.


More Information can be easily found on the Tk20 website: