Tk20: Assessment Management System (AMS)

Who has access/interacts with the system?

Access to the different components of the system is based on role. Individuals have access to their own courses but have the ability to grant access to others. Program and department faculty have access to aggregate data for the department or program. Aggregated data will be available as information moves from course to program to department to college/school/unit and on up the hierarchy. A dashboard within the system gives a bird’s eyes view of the information that has been entered, for instance, the number of learning outcomes entered by a particular program. Aggregated information available within the dashboard is based upon level of access. So, if you are associated with a particular program, then you will see the information for that program, but no other. A Dean, however, associated with a school, will see the dashboard information for all programs within his college or school. Again, Deans will be able to see aggregated information about their programs in the dashboard, but they will not be able to access individual course data unless it is provided to them.


Students will interact with the system through portfolios, assignments, surveys and/or applications, depending on how the program or department uses the system. Tk20 has both a Presentation Portfolio function that allows flexibility for the student to develop a presentation of their curricular and co-curricular work. A link to the Presentation Portfolio can be provided by the student so that potential employers, graduate schools and others can view the portfolio. Tk20 also has an Assessment Portfolio, which is structured by the faculty or program where the student uploads work that will be used in course or programmatic assessment. For example, a pilot group of education students are using the system for the national edTPA assessment. Course evaluations also can be completed through Tk20 for those faculty or programs interested in using this function.


The main portion of the Faculty portal is assessment planning, data input/collection, analysis and reporting at the course, program, and department level. Tk20 also offers a juried assessment function that allows direct review and assessment of a student artifact through a split screen of the assessment rubric and the artifact being assessed. The system has the potential to manage faculty credential information, reveal and store data and information for student advising, and track students via “transition points”.

External partners

Tk20 allows for assessment or evaluations to be sent to external sites used for field experiences, internships or clinical experiences to gather the site professional’s feedback/assessment on student performance. Tk20 also provides a “Document Room” and accreditation reporting function that allows for the development of accreditation reports and evidence to support accreditation review. In the future, this function also will be used to house SCSU’s Program Review reporting and documentation. Links to the Reports and Document Room can be provided to external reviewers.


More Information can be easily found on the Tk20 website: