Tk20: Assessment Management System (AMS)

How are we implementing Tk20?

The coordination for the implementation for Tk20 is being coordinated through the Office of Strategy, Planning and Effectiveness. Holly Evers, OSPE staff, is serving as the primary liaison between the Tk20 product consultant and SCSU programs. Sam Gaikwad, OSPE GA, is supporting Holly in the work. Holly and Sam are working directly with the early adopter programs to provide training and to support the loading of data and information into the system, such as mission statements, learning outcomes, assessment matrices, rubrics etc. into the system for undergraduate programs that need staff support.

We are working with a set of “early adopter” programs that have a compelling need to engage with the system early, mostly because of external accreditation demands. We are attempting to identify one department or program within each college or school to serve as the early adopter that will serve as an example for other programs or departments within the unit. The current list of early adopters is:


More Information can be easily found on the Tk20 website: