Guidelines for Program Assessment: Strategies for Changes

What are your strategies for changes in the curriculum, faculty development, out-of-class learning experiences, and so on?

Goal The student will clearly and effectively communicate knowledge both orally and in writing in a manner appropriate to the relevant audience.
Findings While students demonstrate knowledge of oral and written communications in writing and speech courses, they have difficulty applying principles in the various disciplines outside of writing and speech.
Strategies Increase active learning and collaborative learning strategies in selected courses in the major.
Faculty Development Plan workshops (or find nationally known workshops) for faculty of selected courses in the major on how to help students apply knowledge gained in a course to another course.
Out-of-class Experiences Work with teachers of writing and speech to reinforce and support their principles. Select a professional in the major field of the student to come in and discuss the importance of good writing and speaking skills in finding a job and in maintaining effectiveness in the job.