Guidelines for Program Assessment: Standards and Levels

What are the standards and levels of performance for each indicator or measure?

  1. How do you see when a student has achieved the knowledge, skill, or ability the goal seeks to impart?
  2. What are the implicit criteria you are using to judge whether a student has achieved a given level of knowledge or skill proficiency?
  3. What are the mediating or moderating factors that enter into your judgment about individual students?
  4. What do you do when a student does not develop the desired level of performance?

Provide an answer to all four questions above for each goal. There may be "content standards" or "process standards" in your field.

"Content standards specify the areas and levels of mastery of content. Process standards specify the levels and types of performance. In some fields, process and content are less readily differentiated than others are. While it is important to differentiate between content or knowledge mastery goals and process or skill development goals, not every field of study includes both." (NCTLA)

What "content standards" and "performance standards" should students have upon admission, at midpoints and upon graduation?


Does your plan have an identified measure and/or indicator of learning

Does your plan have identified course sequences and/or other learning experiences for each goal?

Have you identified acceptable levels of performance