Guidelines for Program Assessment: Educational Criteria and Experiences

What are the educational criteria and experiences for each goal?

  1. What criteria for goal attainment indicate content mastery and/or performance level acceptable for program completion?
  2. What are the specific educational experiences in the curriculum and extracurriculum that enable students to attain the goal?

Educational Criteria

Break each of your goals down into parts:

Levels of learning can be assessed from a number of taxonomies or developmental models. (See Bloom's Classification of Cognitive Skills.) Applications of learning may exist in personal as well as professional settings.

Educational Experiences

For each of your program goals, list the course or experience that meets the goals. (You may have more than one course or experience for some goals.) Taxonomies help to identify levels of learning or depth of knowledge students need to have. (You might use Bloom's taxonomy, for example.) Finally, list or describe how students may demonstrate or apply what they have learned.

The example below is for a theatre program; please write goals appropriate to your own discipline or program.

Goal # Course/Experience Level of Learning Application of Learning
1 235 Script Analysis Analysis production work, designs, acting, directing
2 240 Stage Makeup Application performing in productions