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Assessment Library

The Assessment Library is housed in the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, located at MC 310.


Title Author
Academic Departments: How they Work, How they Change Vol. 27, No. 8 (2000) Barbara Walvoord, Anna Carey, Hoke Smith, Suzanne Soled, Philip Way and Debbie Zorn
Answering Questions (1996) Norbert Schwarz and Seymour Sudman
Assess Your Own Teaching Quality (1996) Sally Brown and Phil Race
Assessing Campus Diversity Initiatives: A Guide for Campus Practitioners (2001) Mildred Garcia, Cynthia Hudgins, Caryn McTighe Musil, Michael Nettles, William Sedlacek, and Daryl Smith
Assessing Competence in Higher Education (1995) Anne Edwards and Peter Knight
Assessing Faculty Work (1994) Larry Braskamp and John Ory
Assessing Graduate and Professional Education: Current Realities, Future Prospects (1996) Jennifer Grant Haworth ed.
Assessing Learners in Higher Education (1995) Sally Brown and Peter Knight
Assessing Needs in Continuing Education (1995) Donna Queeney
Assessing Open and Distance Learners (1999) Chris Morngan, Meg O'Reilly
Assessing Performances in an Age of Accountability: Case Studies (1995) Gerald Gaither ed.
Assessing Academic Programs in Higher Education (2004) Mary Allen
Assessing Student Competence in Accredited Disciplines: Pioneering Approaches to Assessment in Higher Education (2001) Catherine Palomba and Trudy Banta, eds.
Assessing Student Learning: A Common Sense Guide (2004) Linda Suskie
Assessing Student Performance (1993) Grant Wiggins
Assessing Students: How Shall We Know Them? (1996) Derek Rowntree
Assessment and Curriculum Reform (1992) James Ratcliff ed.
Assessment 101 Workbook (1995) Michael Smith and Jama Bradley
Assessment Case Studies: Common Issues in Implementation with Various Campus Approaches to Resolution James O. Nichols
Assessment Clear and Simple (2004) Barbara Walvoord
Assessment Essentials: Planning, Implementing and improving Assessment in Higher Education (1999) Cathering A. Polomba and Trudy W. Banta
Assessment for Excellence (1993) Alexander Astin
Assessment for Learning in Higher Education (1995) Peter Knight
Assessment in Practice (1995) Trudy Banta, Hon Lund, Karen Black and Frances Oblander
Assessment in Student Affairs: A Guide for Practitioners (1996) M. Lee Upcraft and John H. Schuh
Assessment Program Evaluation (1994) Joan Stark and Alice Thomas
Authentic Achievement (1996) Fred Newmann and Assoc.
Becoming a Critically Reflective Teacher (1995) Stephen Brookfield
Building a Scholarship of Assessment (2001) Trudy Banta and associates
CLA in the Classroom: Performance Task Academy Workbook CLA in the Classroom
Classroom Assessment Techniques (1993) Thomas Angelo and Patricia Cross
College Student Outcomes Assessment (1987) Maryann Jacobe, Alexander Astin and Frank Ayala
The Department Head's Guide to Assessment Implementation in Administrative and Educational Support Units (2000) Karen Nichols and James Nichols
The Departmental Guide and Record Book for Student Outcomes Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness (1991) Karen Nichols and James Nichols
Designing and Conducting Survey Research (1997) Louis Rea and Richard Parker
Developmental Learning: Evaluation Assessment (1982) NARDSPE
Dialogues for Diversity: Community and Ethnicity on Campus Series on Higher Education
Digital Dilemma: Issues of Access, Cost and Quality in Media Enhanced and Distance Education (2000) Gerald Vandusen
Educative Assessment: Designing Assessments to Inform and Improve Student Performance (1998) Grant Wiggins
Effective Grading: A Tool for Learning and Assessment (1998) Barbara Walvoord and Virginia Anderson
Evaluating and Assessing for Learning (1994) Duncan Harris and Chris Bell
500 Tips on Assessment (1996) Sally Brown, Brenda Smith and Phil Race
Handbook of Multicultural Assessment (1996) Lisa Suzuki, Paul Meller and Joseph Ponterotto
Harvard Assessment Seminars: Exploring with Students and Faculty about Teaching, Learning and Student Life (1992) Richard Light
How to Assess Your Nonprofit Organization with Peter Drucker's Five Most Important Questions (1993) Richard Light
How to Deal with Goals and Objectives (1978) Lynn Morris and Carol Fitzgibbon
How to Design a Program Evaluation(1978) Lynn Morris and Carol Fitzgibbon
How to Measure Attitudes (1978) Marlene Henerson, Lynn Morris and Carol Fitzgibbon
How to Measure Program Implementation (1978) Lynn Morris and Carol Fitzgibbon
Implementing Outcomes Assessment: Promise and Perils (1988) Trudy Banta ed.
Improving Learning; Forging Better Connections Between Assessment Quality and Accreditation (1995) 10th AAHE Conference
Introduction to Rubrics (2004) Dannelle Stevens and Antonia Levi
Keys to Success: How to Achieve Your Goals (1996) Carol Carter and Sarah Kravits
Learner-Centered Assessment on College Campuses (1999) Mary Huba and Jann Freed
The Learning Paradigm College (2003) John Tagg
Learning Through Assessment: A Resource Guide for Higher Education (1997) Gardiner, Anderson and Cambridge
Linking Assessment and General Educaion (1996) Ratcliff, Jones and Hoffman
A License to Teach (1995) Linda Darling-Hammond, Arthur Wise and Stephen Klein
Mathematics Assessment (1994) Gerald Kulm
Meaningful and Manageable Assessment Through Cooperative Learning (1996) David Johnson and Roger Johnson
Measuring Up (1995) Robert Rothman
The New College Course Map and Transcript Files (1972-1993) Clifford Adelmann
Organizational Surveys (1996) Allen Kraut
Portfolio Assessment (1994) Michael Knight and Denise Gallaro
The Power of Problem-based Learning (2001) Barbara Duch, Susan Groh, and Deborah Allen
Practical Guide to Alternative Assessment (1992) Herman, Aschbacher, and Winters
Practitioners Handbook for Institutional Effectiveness and Student Outcomes Assessment Implementation (1991) James Nichols
Proclaiming and Sustaining Excellence Assessment as a Faculty Role (1998) Karen and Karl Schilling
Questions and Answers in Attitude Surveys Howard Schuman and Stanley Presser
Realizing the Potential: Improving Post Secondary Teaching, Learning and Assessment (1995) NCTLA
Responsive Assessment (1994) Mary Hennings-Stout
A Road Map for Improvement of Student Learning and Support Services Through Assessment (2005) James O. Nicols and Karen W. Nichols
Student Assessment as Learning at Alverno College (1994) Alverno College Faculty
Student Goals for College and Courses (1989) Joan Stark, Kathleen Shaw and Malcolm Lowther
Student Outcomes Assessment: What Institutions Stand to Gain (1987) Diane Halpern ed.
Successful Use of Teaching Portfolios (1993) Peter Seldin and Associates
Teaching and Assessing Writing (1985) Edward White
Thinking About Answers (1996) Seymour Sudman, Norman Bradburn and Norbert Schwarz


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