2008-09 Assessment Grants

The Assessment Steering Committee is proud to announce the 2008-9 Assessment Grant recipients:

Barbara Vesely Analysis of Program Data, refinement of assessment techniques and incorporation of findings to enhance program quality

RIchard Dillman
Judith Dorn

Assessment of English 291: Introduction to Analytical and Rhetorical Writing
Judith Dorn
Shannon Olson
Assessment of Key Learning Outcomes in the SCSU Creative Writing Program
Choonkyong Kim College ESL Program Assessment for Curriculum Management

Sandra Q. Williams
Chris Inkster
Marcia Thompson

Connecting with Recent Graduates of the Education Media Program:
Bruce Gaumnitz
Carol Gaumnitz
Critical Thinking for Accounting Majors
NWJ Hazelton Holistic and Authentic Assessment of a Professional Program

David Robinson
Luke Tripp
Kyoko Kishimoto
Michael Tripp
Darlene St. Clair
Jean LaCourt

The Impact of the Racial Issues Requirement at SCSU
Avelino Mills Novoa
Niloufer Merchant
Implementation of Student Learning Outcome Assessment for Community Psychology Degree Program
William Cook
Matthew Julius
Major Field Test for 2009 Biological Sciences Graduates
Michael Ernst Purchase of the Item Information Analysis Report for the ETS Major Field Test in Business
Jim Robinson
Margaret Patridge
TESL Program Assessment for Intercultural Communicative Competence Student Outcomes