The 2010-11 Assessment Grant Program



The 2010-11 Advancing Program Assessment through Discussion (APAD) Program

In an effort to promote discussions among faculty and staff about program-level assessment of student learning, the Assessment Steering Committee introduces the APAD (Advancing Program Assessment through Discussion) initiative. APAD subsidizes the purchase of reference books on assessment that can help guide discussions among program faculty and staff. The Assessment Steering Committee has identified Barbara Walvoord’s book Assessment Clear and Simple as an excellent general purpose resource for program-level discussions about assessment. Walvoord’s assessment workshop at SCSU last January was well received by those who attended. Her approach is simple, practical, and applicable to programs whose assessment efforts are in varying stages of development. For most programs and departments that participate in APAD, Walvoord’s book will serve well as a resource. However, sometimes another book may provide a better foundation for discussions. For example, if a relevant disciplinary association or accrediting body publishes a book on assessment, this may be an especially useful resource. (View examples of discipline-based resources.) Your college or unit assessment director may be able to provide additional examples.

Proposals that meet the APAD guidelines will be funded on a first come, first served basis. Quantities are limited, so apply early!