Office of Assessment and Accreditation

Assessment Management System

AEFIS is St Cloud State's new comprehensive assessment planning and reporting system.

Currently, the system is configured for:

  • Annual Program Assessment Reporting
  • APIP (Program Review)
  • Faculty Qualifications, Research and Service
  • Portfolios
  • Surveys

D2L Brightspace integration will be completed by the end of Spring 2021. Additional features are expected to come online by Fall 2021: 

  • Strategic Planning
  • Comprehensive Data Collection at the Course and Institutional level via D2L Brightspace
  • Course Syllabus

The system provides full reporting support for NCA-HLC, ABET, NCATE, TEAC, CCNE, AACSB and other external accrediting agencies.

More information available at

Access to the system

Login to the system using your StarID + password:

If you are already logged in to MS Office 365, the system will automatically log you in.

Access to the different components of the system is based on role. Individuals have access to their own courses but have the ability to grant access to others. Program and department faculty have access to aggregate data for the department or program. Aggregated data will be available as information moves from course to program to department to college/school/unit and on up the hierarchy.

If you are unable to login to the system, please contact one of the system administrators:

You must be registered in order to use the system.


Students will interact with the system through portfolios, assignments, and/or surveys, depending on how their program or department uses the system. AEFIS has a dynamic Portfolio function that allows flexibility for the student to develop a verified collection of their curricular and co-curricular work. A link to the Presentation Portfolio can be provided by the student so that potential employers, graduate schools and others can view the portfolio. The system will also allow students to share their portfolio(s) via LinkedIn and other social media platforms.



Faculty will use the AEFIS portal for assessment planning, data input/collection, analysis and reporting at the course, program, department, and institutional (Liberal Education and Our Husky Compact) level.

The system can manage faculty credential information, course syllabi, and other assessment and accreditation reporting functions.

Completing an Assessment Report
Printing an Assessment Report

External partners

AEFIS is developing an internship platform that will allow St Cloud State university to track its students through their field experience, internship or similar processes. It will assessments or evaluations to be sent to our external partners in order to gather feedback on student performance. 

This area of the system is still under construction and is not expected to go "live" until Fall 2021.