Office of Assessment and Accreditation

About Assessment

St. Cloud State University is committed to assessment at all levels. There is a university-level office of Assessment that is part of Planning and Engagement. It includes a part-time faculty director and administrative staff.

Assessment Steering Committee

A university-level assessment committee meets regularly during the school year. It is composed of college and unit assessment directors, an administrator from Institutional Effectiveness, a liaison from the Liberal Education Committee, the Director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, and a representative of Undergraduate Studies.

Mission statement

"The mission of the SCSU Assessment Steering Committee is to improve student learning through facilitating, monitoring, and improving the assessment of programs across the University."


Committee membership is made up of the following:
  •  Co-chairs:
    • One administrative co-chair (appointed by Provost)
    • One faculty co-chair: University Assessment Director (UAD)
  • Faculty membership: One FA-elected member from each college and school excluding the College of Liberal Arts, which shall have two (total: 10)
  • College or School Assessment Coordinators (if different from above, e.g., professional staff)
  • University Library Assessment Coordinator
  • Student representative: selected by Student Government
  • Director of Distributed Learning
  • University College Associate Vice President or appointed representative
  • Graduate Studies Assessment Director/Grad Studies Dean or appointed representative
  • Center for Continuing Studies Dean or appointed representative
  • Student Life and Development Assessment Director or representative


Lisa Foss
Convener of Committee

David Switzer
Faculty Fellow for Assessment, Convener of Committee

Chris Lepkowski
Herberger School of Business Dean's Representative

Kathy Dahlberg
College of Education and Learning Design Dean's Representative

School of Health and Human Services Dean's Representative

David Switzer
School of Public Affairs Dean's Representative

Director of Online and Distance Education

Lisa Foss
Academic Affairs

Melanie Guentzel
Graduate Studies

Beth Knutson-Kolodzne
Student Life & Development

Debra Japp
CETL Director

Jaime Heiman
Liberal Education Committee

Christine Metzo
Undergraduate Studies

Judy Dorn
College of Liberal Arts FA Representative 

College of Liberal Arts FA Representative 

School of Public Affairs FA Representative 

School of the Arts FA Representative

William Branson
College of Science and Engineering FA Representative

School of Computer, Engineering and the Environment FA Representative 

Joy McKenzie
School of Health and Human Services FA Representative 

Robin Ewing
University Library FA Representative 

Michael Pickle
College of Education and Learning Design FA Representative

Student Government Association


Definition of Assessment

Assessment is the systematic, ongoing collection, analysis and interpretation of evidence of student learning in order to improve that learning. Assessment occurs on many levels, such as the individual or student level, the course level, the program level, and the institutional level. Student learning includes the knowledge, skills, attitudes and personal development attained through curricular, co-curricular and out-of-class experiences.


The SCSU Assessment Steering Committee is a university-wide committee that makes recommendations to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs for evaluating and improving student learning across the University through designing, implementing and monitoring a comprehensive assessment program at St. Cloud State University. Its responsibilities are to:

  • Oversee the gathering, analyzing and reporting of data related to program and institutional outcomes;
  • Facilitate and monitor assessment programs of the Liberal Education Program, undergraduate, graduate and co-curricular programs;
  • Provide and promote professional development opportunities related to assessment techniques and best practices;
  • Implement technology to coordinate, track and report on assessment;
  • Document and report on assessment activities and learning outcomes achievement as required by the Higher Learning Commission, accrediting agencies and Minnesota State Colleges & Universities Board of Trustees.

Operating procedures and terms


A quorum shall consist of 50 percent of current membership plus one. In the absence of a quorum, at the discretion of the co-chairs, a straw poll may be conducted of members present and recorded. Following the meeting, the co-chairs may poll the members not in attendance to elicit an affirmative, negative or abstention response.

Memberships Terms

The term of elected members is three (3) years

  • Appointees, assigned to the committee based upon position, are on the committee as long as they are in that position
  • Minutes and recommendations can be approved by email vote

Membership commitment

Members shall

  • Attend at least 75% of scheduled meetings during the year;
  • Participate in at least 1 subcommittee each semester;
  • Communicate support for ASC initiatives to respective constituencies and encourage their participation;
  • Request a replacement or inform the co-chairs if no longer able to serve. Alternatively, one of the co-chairs will contact the member to discuss the matter and suggest a request for replacement.

Standing subcommittees

The UAD will serve on each subcommittee. Other members of the ASC will be assigned (by mutual agreement and area of primary responsibilities) to one subcommittee as follows. Each subcommittee will elect a chair.

  1. Subcommittee on Liberal Education Program Assessment:
    1. Faculty representatives from each LEAP, Liberal Education Assessment Director
    2. Meetings are held monthly or as necessary.
  2. Subcommittee on Undergraduate Program Assessment:
    1. Faculty representatives from each college or school, CCS Representative, Learning Resources Assessment Coordinator and the UAD.
    2. Meetings are held monthly or as necessary.
  3. Subcommittee on Graduate Program Assessment:
    1. Faculty representatives from each college or school with graduate programs, the Graduate Assessment Coordinator, CCS Representative, Learning Resources Assessment Coordinator and the UAD.
    2. Meetings are held monthly or as necessary
  4. Subcommittee on Co-curricular Assessment:
    1. Representative(s) from SLD/co-chairs of the SLD Assessment committee, the Graduate Assessment Coordinator, Learning
    2. Resources Assessment Coordinator and the UAD. Meetings are held monthly or as necessary.

Committee Meetings

The ASC shall meet bi-weekly or as needed, September through May, as determined by the co-chairs. Ad hoc subcommittees of the ASC may be formed to address specific issues or projects at the direction of the ASC co-chairs and by approval of the ASC.

University Assessment Policy

St. Cloud State University is committed to assessment at all levels. Assessment data is used to understand, achieve, and improve student learning outcomes in support of SCSU’s commitment to continuous improvement. Additionally, assessment activities at SCSU should meet criteria and core components defined by the Higher Learning Commission.

Annual institutional reports

The annual university assessment report is completed and submitted to the Vice President of Planning and Engagement on the first duty-day of the Spring semester.

The report contains three main topics:

  1. A summary of assessment activities for the academic year.
  2. College, school or unit summary reports, a dashboard of program plans and activities, and a summary of changes made based upon assessment results.
  3. A report of Our Husky Compact activities, results and changes.

AY 2018 (report to be published January 2019)

Assessment Steering Committee agendas, minutes and other documents, will soon be available through SharePoint. Check back soon.