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Project 2: Assessment of Student Learning in Programs

Please answer questions 1 - 9 for each Student Learning Project your institution is working through its participation in the Academy for Assessment of Student Learning.

1. Student Learning Project (SLP) Title (10 word or less)

Assessment of Student Learning in Programs

2. Describe the SLP in 100 - 200 words

As a result of completing the Academy, SCSU will ensure that all academic programs will regularly assess and document student learning based on intended learning outcomes for those programs, and will take action based on that analysis to confirm or improve student learning.

Key terms:

3.  Please check the categories that best capture the content and scope of your project.

Nature of Project: Comprehensive Assessment System

Degree level: All levels, with a priority on the baccalaureate

Assessment cycle: All phases 

4. List the organizational area (departments, programs, divisions) most affected or involved with this SLP. (50 - 100 words)

5. Specifically, what are the desired results of this project?  These results should be measurable, attainable, relevant, & time-bound (SMART).  In addition, one or more of these desired results should (a) directly relate to student learning; (b) generate evidence of student learning; or (c) demonstrate improvement of student learning.  (100 - 150 words)

See chart.
Note: The results are the major headings (numbered) in the first column of the chart.

6. Please answer the following questions regarding planning and managing this Student Learning Project or post an internet link that clearly provides the pertinent information:

6a. A detailed description of the activities/tasks that are necessary to ensure each of the above outcomes or results are met.  For example, who will be doing what, step by step? (approximately 100 words)

See chart.
Note: The activities/tasks are the minor headings (lettered) in the first column of the chart.

6b. The timeline for each of the above activities/tasks. Each timeline should be on a quarterly timescale or finer. (approximately 50 words)

See chart.

6c. A short rationale for the length of time (from implementation to completion) for each SLP. (approximately 50 words)

All major programs currently should have mission statements and student learning outcomes. Some do not have curriculum maps or timelines for assessment of SLOs, but all should be able to have these by next year. Because the reporting template is new, some programs will not have completed one or more of the activities called for by the template. By next year, all major programs should be able to complete most of these. Use of data for program improvement or improvement of assessment practices will take longer because it depends upon data collection and analysis. In addition, the data collected in a particular year may not be useful, or it may be useful for program improvement or improvement of assessment, but not both. The program review cycle is six years, so it is possible that some SLOs may not be assessed until six years from now.

8a.    Describe how you plan to monitor the progress on this SLP (100-200 words)

See chart.

8b.    What are the specific indicators (evidence) that will tell you if this SLP is successful or not? (100 -150 words)

See chart.

9. Are there products (e.g., instruments, rubrics, ..etc) that can be shared from this project? If so,  post an internet link and provide a short description. (less 25 words)