Recent Academy Activities

Starting in the spring of 2007, these proposals were further refined through the Academy's Electronic Network. Its purpose is to facilitate communication among the Academy institutions about the student learning projects that each institution is working on over the four-year Academy commitment. Initially, SCSU was asked to respond to eight questions about each of its three student learning projects, as well as three "portfolio" questions that pertain to our participation in the Academy overall. These responses were posted on the Electronic Network, where we received feedback on from other Academy institutions and from Academy mentors. We also provided feedback to other institutions in our Academy cohort. In the fall of 2007 SCSU was asked to provide an update on each student learning project. We provided our second update on our projects in November 2008. As in 2007, these reponses were posted to the Electronic Network for feedback from other Academy institutions and our Academy mentor.

Responses to student learning projects

Update on student learning projects

Impact Report Fall 2010- final report to the Academy