Electronic Network Update

Project 2: Assessment of Student Learning in Programs

1. Describe the accomplishments you made in the past six months and the current status of each of your Student Learning Projects. (100-200 words)  

We have three student learning projects. One of these, General Education Assessment, essentially is dormant right now. The assessment plan for the General Education program has been approved, but the program’s structure has not. When that happens, perhaps later this year, we will devote more attention to this project. Our primary student learning project is Assessment of Student Learning in Programs. Most of our effort has been devoted toward this project, but we also have devoted substantial attention to our project on the University Assessment System. These two projects are closely related. We see the University Assessment System project as less important in its own right than as a contributor to the Assessment of Student Learning in Programs project. To improve program-level assessment, we need to make certain institution-level changes. Here is a list of major accomplishments since our last update in November 2007.

2. What are your next steps towards realizing the results for each of these Student Learning Projects? For example, who will do what, when? (100-200 words)

3a. Describe any "effective practice(s)" that resulted from your work on assessing student learning.
3b. What makes this an “effective practice” at your institution? Specifically, we are asking you to contextualize the “effective practice” so others will understand why it was successful. This will help others decide if and how these practices could be customized to meet their own specific needs.

4. How has this project engaged stakeholders (e.g., faculty, administrators, staff, students) in assessing and improving student learning?

5. What has been the impact of your Academy work on the institution, faculty and staff, students, learning and teaching, the culture...etc.?

6. What challenges are you still facing in regards to assessing and improving student learning?Departments and programs are realizing that not only is assessment “politically” important but that they and their students can benefit from the process. 

Improvements need to be made as follows:

7. If you need specific help to stimulate progress on this action project, explain your need(s) and who to contact?

If you can provide any help with these problems, please contact Jim Sherohman.