Project #1: University Assessment System

SCSU will have a university assessment system that reflects a sustained institutional commitment to assessing student learning in all programs and support services. The system will be clearly defined, carefully enacted, data-based, valued by all stakeholders, and used to enhance and strengthen our strategic plan for Academic Distinction.

Key terms:

University assessment system
Assessment policies, procedures, structure, and resources

Sustained institutional commitment
inancial and ongoing

All programs and support services
ncludes academic, co-curricular, extracurricular

Clearly defined
e.g., Institutional assessment plan and infrastructure

Carefully enacted
Training in effective assessment important, expectation of closing-the-loop in improving curriculum important

e.g., Data management system and use of assessment data for review, curricular planning, and budget decisions

Valued by all stakeholders
e.g., Faculty, administration, staff, students, employers, and reporting agencies considered as stakeholders.  Contractual recognition of assessment efforts is important.