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12/13/17: Huskies U Webinar
Hired in 2017!
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How's your attitude toward your current job and company? There are times the gloss and excitement of a new job is changed by industry changes, personal changes, and/or the lack of challenges. There are exciting opportunities right where you are. Join Jody Miller to learn how to find challenges and excitement in your current firm.

12/20/17: Huskies U Webinar
Disruptive Marketing
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There is something going on in the marketplace that you will need to tune into! Consumers are creating content that helps firms like your market their products and services, where selling is dead but ongoing conversations are thriving. Join Geoffrey Colon to learn tips and strategies that will keep your career and company thriving. 

12/27/17: Huskies U Webinar
Ready to Pull the Retirement Trigger?
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When is the right time to retire? You have many options and opportunities as you near retirement. It only makes sense to think through all of them before you pull the retirement trigger. Join Mary Sterk as she takes you through some thought provoking questions to help you determine the right time to retire. 

1/3/18: Huskies U Webinar
Super Secrets of a Successful Job Search
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The job search process is not rocket science but it does require careful planning, timing, and strategies. Simon Gray knows that. He’s consulted executives and has developed proven strategies to help his clients not only land jobs they want but jobs with increased salary faster. 

1/7/18: Men's hockey ticket block; SCSU vs. UMN
3M Arena at Mariucci, Minneapolis
Order tickets at
and enter promo code SCSUAlumni17

1/10/18: Huskies U Webinar
The HBR Guide to Office Politics
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Office politics!  It can make or break a career! Office politics can create such a negative drag on attitude and performance that companies literally disintegrate. Join Karen Dillon to learn where you should get involved in office politics and what you need to do when you find office politics affecting your day-to-day life as well as your advancement.

1/17/18: Huskies U Webinar
The Acceptable Leadership Model
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You know better than most that strong leadership within a company or department is critical to your career success. Join Barbara Crosby to learn how you can step forward and lead in your areas of influence and at the same time, influence other leaders adopt the acceptable leadership model.

1/19/18: Hockey Alumni Game
Eastman Park at Lake George; 7:30 p.m.

1/24/18: Huskies U Webinar
Retiring Without Risk
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Retiring is the most important career transition that you will ever make! Why? Well, for most of us there is no turning back.  Retirement is an end game plan. Join Roccy DeFrancesco to learn fundamental strategies to reduce and eliminate all the risks of retiring so you can live your retirement years stress free!

2/7/18: Huskies U Webinar
LinkedIn for Personal Branding: The Ultimate Guide
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Have you invested any time in building your online brand? LinkedIn is an easy way to showcase who you are, what you have accomplished, who you are affiliated with, and what you stand for and are interested in. Join Sandra Long to learn how to use LinkedIn to advance your brand and advance your career.

2/14/18: Huskies U Webinar
Power Your Career: The Art of Tactful Self-Promotion at Work
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If you’ve done everything right and are not seeing your career advance as rapidly as you’d like, you need to join Nancy Burke and pick up tips from her book, The Art of Tactful Self-Promotion at Work. You will walk away with numerous ideas on how you can effectively position yourself for career advancement.

2/21/18: Huskies U Webinar
Emergence of the “Me” Enterprise: A Blueprint for Leadership
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You need to become more aware that you are an enterprise! You are the corporation you are the CEO and leader of. Accepting that, you will need to build a business (career) plan and hold yourself accountable to your mission and goals. Join Ross Kelly to learn how you can manage your career and your enterprise.

2/28/18: Huskies U Webinar
From Silicon Valley to Swaziland
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Do you plan on living in your retirement?  Sounds like a crazy question doesn’t it. Rick and Wendy Walleigh think living in retirement is expanding who you are and exploring the life you never led! You will learn from their personal experiences on how you can put retiring to other countries on your bucket list.

3/7/18: Huskies U Webinar
Job Search & Career Free Tools Resource Book
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The job search process has dramatically changed in the past 5 years. Today there are dozens of online tools designed to help you get noticed and land jobs faster. Unfortunately, there are so many, few of us have had the time to identify the best ones that will help us advance our careers. Join Jason McDonald to learn about hidden gems that will help you land your next job faster.

3/14/18: Huskies U Webinar
How to Make Yourself Promotable: 7 Skills to Help You Climb the Career Ladder
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You have to work at getting yourself promoted. Sure, you have to do the day-to-day things above and beyond others expectations, but you also need to be your own cheerleader and know how to position yourself in office politics. Join Mette Johansson to pick up the skills to make yourself more promotable.

3/16/18: NCHC Frozen Faceoff Reception
The Liffey, 175 7th St. West, St. Paul; 2 p.m.
Go to for information on tournament tickets

3/21/18: Huskies U Webinar
The Warrior, the Strategist and You: How Find Your Purpose
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Both you and your employer need ever-changing strategies to succeed. Join Floyd to learn how to find your career purpose and reach your goals faster than you ever imagined. It starts with a strategy and plan. Floyd Woodrow will help you get yours started.

3/28/18: Huskies U Webinar
Control Your Retirement Destiny: How to Achieve Financial Security
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You want to have complete control over the issues and situations around your retirement. To do so requires some planning, strategy, and sacrifice. Join Dana Anspach to gain a better understanding of what you need to do to achieve financial securing before you retire.

4/4/18: Huskies U Webinar
The Interview Coach
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We can emphasize how important the interview is. You have one shot to outshine dozens of other candidates.  You have the right stuff but you will need to organize, plan, and study how you want the interview to go BEFORE you walk in the employer’s door! Join Lorna Hegarty to learn how to prepare for your next interview.

4/11/18: Huskies U Webinar
The Career Guide for Creative and Unconventional People
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You may feel like a square peg that has been placed in a square hole! You have much more creativity than your current job requires. If that’s the case you either need to figure out what kind of industry and job you’ll thrive in, or you need to look for new responsibilities in your current company. Join Carol Eikleberry to learn how to do both!

4/18/18: Huskies U Webinar
Be Bad First: Get Good at Things Fast to Stay Ready for the Future
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Too many of us are afraid of failure and as a result we don’t challenge ourselves, our departments, or our company. Erika Andersen shows you how to stretch your knowledge and skill sets in order to reach new levels.  She reminds you that it’s ok to be bad at first, as long as you immediately make corrections.

4/25/18: Huskies U Webinar
The Complete Cardinal Guide to Planning for and Living in Retirement
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If you’ve never been retired, there is lot you don’t know about the process. You need a plan and strategy you can check off before you retire. Join John Schell to learn simple but effective strategies that will help your transition into your retirement years allow you to do the things you’ve always dreamed of doing.

5/2/18: Huskies U Webinar
Elevate Beyond: A Real World Guide to Standing Out in Any Job Market
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Have you identified what your dream job is? Do you have a plan to get your dream job? If you know where you’d like to be, then you need a plan to get there. Jake Keifer will share details on how you can become more confident in your career search and show you how you can land your dream job.

5/9/18: Huskies U Webinar
Success with Less: Releasing Obligations and Discovering Joy
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We are all so driven to consume and want more, more, more! But there is satisfaction and enjoyment when you have less. Karen Mangia learned this first hand. She will take you on a trip to see why you could/should be thinking less is more in order to love your career again.

5/16/18: Huskies U Webinar
The Leader’s Guide to Negotiation: Use Soft Skills to Get Hard Results
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We negotiate dozens of times a day, but few of us really understand what we are doing. Simon Horton has discovered patterns we use when we negotiate and will offer tips and strategies on how you can create win-win situations to get what you want faster with less effort.

5/23/18: Huskies U Webinar
7 Paths to Maximizing Social Security
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When you retire your future paychecks will come from your investments, savings, and Uncle Sam! You’ve worked hard all your life to save and prepare for your retirement years. You have one last opportunity to make sure you get the greatest amount of money from Social Security. Join Tony Hansman to learn 7 ways to maximize your retirement Social Security payments.

6/1/18: Huskies U Webinar
Class is Now in Session…Your 21 LinkedIn Questions Answered
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When you don’t use LinkedIn on a frequent basis, you miss out on many opportunities to use it effectively to advance your career within your current company and those who could use your expertise. Tajuana Ross will share tips and strategies the most successful LinkedIn users employ.

10/17-21/18: HOMECOMING 2018
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