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St. Cloud State has over 126,000 alumni. The education you received, and the experiences you had here, helped lead you into a successful life and career. The value of your degree has increased as SCSU has grown in stature and reputation. You can also be a part of ensuring this level of quality continues for future generations of Huskies.

We encourage you to participate in a way that is meaningful to you. Join us at events, volunteer your time, make a gift and share your pride. Here are some great ways to engage with your alma mater.

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Husky-Driven Business

Connecting alumni is a very important piece in the life of St. Cloud State University. One way that we are helping is to recognize the entrepreneurial spirit of our alumni and connect them with alumni who may be in need of their goods and services. To help introduce alumni to businesses and services they may wish to patronize, we are developing an alumni-owned business directory and recognizing these businesses as a "Husky-Driven Business."

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Volunteer Opportunities

Making a gift is not the only way you can give back to St. Cloud State University. Consider volunteering for at an Alumni Relations or University event.

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