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Alnwick Academic Director: Year long

The St. Cloud State @ Alnwick program utilizes a one year Academic Director model. Faculty selected in this role will receive a one year appointment and teach in Alnwick for both the fall and spring semesters. The program provides an excellent opportunity for faculty to interact with students on a daily basis in ways not normally possible on campus.


Academic Responsibilities

  • Provide leadership in administering, upholding and adhering to the academic policies and procedures pertaining to SCSU, the academic program while abroad, and its students.
  • Collaborate with Center for International Studies, British Studies minor advisor, staff, faculty, and those on site on all program operations, including cultural events and field trips. This may include opportunities with parallel programs from SCSU and other Alnwick Castle activities.
  • Teach Observations and Reflections on the British Cultural Experience, BRIT 201, and participate in all related field trips and orientation sessions as part of one’s teaching load while directing the program in the UK.
  • Teach a liberal education program (MNTC Goal area) course aligned with one’s discipline as part of the faculty member’s load while directing the program in the UK.
  • Develop and coordinate cultural and field events and activities in partnership with program faculty and staff aligned with the curricular offerings of any given semester, insuring appropriate supervision of these activities.
  • Coordinate the scheduling and delivery of courses offered by program-affiliated SCSU and British faculty, and exercise mutual respect toward your SCSU and British colleagues in conducting teaching, field trips, and other program related activities.
  • While on site, advise students on academic success strategies and program matters.
  • Participate in special cultural and extracurricular activities offered to students as official parts of the program; e.g. field trips, community functions, etc.

Assessment Responsibilities

  • Be responsible for gathering and reporting assessment data for Alnwick Castle semester-based programs in accordance with academic and liberal education program, course, and education abroad program practices and university policy. This work will be guided by the Alnwick Castle Advisory Group and reported to the International Advisory Council of SCSU.
  • Submit a report upon return to the Alnwick Castle Advisory Group, International Advisory Council, and Associate Vice President for the Center for International Studies summarizing your program.
    • 30 calendar days after each semester:
      • LEP assessment data
      • Program assessment data
    • 60 calendar days after the completion of an academic year experience:
      • Personal professional development growth
      • Action plans to internationalize the courses you teach and /or degree program in your department/division.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Accompany and actively engage with program participants on all program-wide activities for the duration of the program except for official breaks unless prior approval has been granted by CIS, the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) dean, and/or the director’s responsible dean in consultation with the CLA dean).
  • Foster and participate in Alnwick community activities to enhance the visibility and reputation of SCSU.
  • Participate in pre-departure and on-site orientation, and when classes and field experiences are in session.
  • Interact with students outside of the classroom (e.g. eating meals with the students, going to the theater, chatting in the common room, etc.), to foster a curricular and holistic experience for program participants. NOTE: the director is expected to do more than simply teach their courses. The program provides an excellent opportunity for faculty to interact with students on a daily basis in ways not normally possible on campus.
  • Collaborate and communicate effectively with faculty and staff on recruiting and planning for the program in keeping with appropriate recruitment and planning timelines prior to and during each program.
  • Actively recruit student participants beginning at least one year in advance of program including participation in study abroad fairs and first-year student orientation, and work closely with CIS and CLA staff on all pre-departure activities.
  • Work collaboratively with the Center for International Studies before and during your reassignment period, subject to the supervision of their respective dean/direct supervisor in consultation with the CLA dean and Provost.



  • All full-time SCSU faculty are eligible to apply for the Alnwick Semester-long program directorship.
  • After review of application materials, and all things being equal, preference will be given to SCSU faculty.
  • While prior teaching experience within the Liberal Education Program/MnTC coursework is not a requirement, your application must address your preparation to do so if selected. Preference will be given to faculty with prior LEP teaching experience; more so when that experience aligns with the coursework proposed in the Alnwick Director application


  • Previous teaching or directing experience in a higher education study abroad program involving U.S. students or to the UK
  • Demonstrated ability to teach effectively, including but not limited to the liberal education program
  • Experience offering courses that meet liberal education requirements, appeal to the curricular needs of students, and provide experiences relevant to the host culture
  • Willingness to coordinate, gather, and report program and LEP assessment data for all courses

Recruitment and advising

  • Ability and willingness to recruit and advise students.
  • Flexibility and willingness to embrace cultural and structural differences.
  • Willingness and ability to work effectively with and be available to students, faculty, SCSU and British staff and castle staff prior to, during, and after the program.


  • Ability to make decisions cooperatively and independently in frameworks that include: students; faculty; staff; administration; and community leaders.
  • Ability to develop and maintain positive interpersonal relationships, working successfully with diverse individuals with a variety of work and communication styles.
  • Ability to work well as a team member and collaborate with the Center for International Studies, British Studies minor advisor, faculty, staff at SCSU and on site, as well as British faculty.
  • Public relations and human relations skills, interests and sensitivities.
  • Demonstrated record of organizational and management skills, ability to solve problems, and effective communication at a high level.

Alnwick Academic Director Application


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