American Indian Center


The American Indian Center strives to provide a supportive environment for Indian students at all levels of education to meet the educational goals they have set for themselves. Social, academic and professional opportunities are provided through planned activities.

Overall retention and success of American Indian students are enhanced by assistance in the admissions process, financial aid, personal concerns, tutoring, housing, academic advising and career development.
Services offered by the AIC include:

  • Referrals to appropriate St. Cloud State agencies when necessary.
  • Each semester orientation is offered for all students to help them become comfortable in their new campus and city communities.
  • Services to Indian student organizations to enable students to become involved in student activities and to meet other Indian students.
  • Social activities are often co-sponsored with student organizations.
  • Seminars on a variety of subjects relative to college life and Indian life.

Prospective Students

Engage Program

The Engage Program has proven to be an effective method for both recruitment and retention of American Indian undergraduate university students. American Indian Center staff, Admissions office, university administrators, faculty, staff, students work with Native American junior high, high school, junior college and tribal college student advisors and their students.

The goal of this cooperation is the recruitment of potential American Indian students through group campus visits. The visits are designed to familiarize prospective students with the campus services that have been organized to assist with the challenges they may face in their academic careers. Through the creation and utilization of various university programs, students are offered support in financial aid, advising, tutoring, mentoring, and social activities.

Contact the center at (320) 308-5449 for information on the engage program. He will be able to schedule your visit or answer any questions.

Advanced Preparation Program

The Advanced Preparation Program is a summer scholarship-supported program open to incoming first-year students. Students receive an in-depth academic assessment, take college classes and participate in activities that introduce them to college life and the community. It’s demanding—and a lot of fun! Students remember the program, the weekend activities and the friendships for a lifetime.

Lasting Benefits
In addition to the financial benefits, you should consider the less tangible benefits of the program. You will become familiar with campus and the St. Cloud community and form close friendships with your co-participants. You will meet several faculty and staff people who will help you throughout your college career and you will learn about many aspects of college life such as financial aid, career services, student organizations, the mentoring program and how to use the library.

If you are interested or have any questions please contact the center at (320) 308-5449.