American Indian Center


The American Indian Center gives out three scholarships annually to qualifying individuals. All St. Cloud State University Scholarships are now available in an online application format only.

Please visit to apply to internal (SCSU) and external (community) scholarships available!

Deadline for applications vary depending on the scholarship and/or department sponsors.

Scholarships from the American Indian Center:

American Indian Education Scholarship

($500 Annually)
This is an active, annual scholarship.  The American Indian Center accepts applications and determines awards.  Selection criteria for applicants: Must be an enrolled member of a federally recognized tribe and an entering student at St. Cloud State University; may be a new entering student at any class year level; must be intended to major in teacher education; may intend to teach at any level- pre kindergarten through high school.  Preference will be given to those who plan to teach in schools with high populations of American Indian children.

Henry M. & J. Eleanor Meyer/Joseph M. & Theresa L. Heltemes Memorial Scholarship

($500 Annually)
This is an endowed scholarship founded by a first generation college graduate.  Preference for this scholarship is given to persons with financial need, who are of American Indian ancestry and who are involved with campus organizations.

Joyce and Marvin Holmgren Scholarship for Native Americans

($500 Annually)
This is an endowed scholarship.  The Financial Aid Office determines awards.  Selection criteria require that the student: verify enrollment in a tribe or is at least one quarter Native American and is from either the U.S. or Canada (there are no other tribal restrictions); must be eligible for unconditional admittance to St. Cloud State University; must maintain scholastic average of “C” or better; must carry at least 12 credits per term.  It is the donors preference that the award be given to a first year student and that the award follow that student as long as s/he is enrolled in good standing at St. Cloud State University and is in accordance with the criteria defined in the scholarship.