American Indian Center


Thurs, 10 Sept 2009

Navajo Healer Johnson Dennison

Mr. Dennison is currently a Coordinator of the Office of Native Medicine at a Chinle Comprehensive Health Care Facility. He has thirty years of experience in education: Three years teaching in classrooms, ten years as Elementary School Principal, ten years as a High School Principal, seven years as a Dean of Instruction at Diné College. He is an alumni at the University of New Mexico with under graduate and graduate degrees in educational leadership. He is also a Navajo traditional medicine man practitioner for thirty five years. As a cultural specialist, he has been a motivational speaker at various conferences and meetings on such topics as Navajo/Native Culture, Cultural Issues in Classroom, Navajo History, Native Medicine, Navajo Language, Native American Education and is a Native Storyteller.

Wed, 25 Apr 2007

Historical Grief and Trauma: Impact on Native Peoples and Communities (Ray Daw)

Ray Daw is the Executive Director of the Na'nizhoozhi Center and a board member of the Takini Network. Ray Daw speaks on historical grief and trauma and their effects on Native Peoples. Historic trauma is cumulative emotional and psychological wounding over the lifespan and across generations, emanating from massive group trauma. Mr. Daw gives examples of the causes of historical trauma and describes historical trauma interventions.

Mon, 09 Apr 2007

Indigenous Rights: Land and Environment (Tom Goldtooth)

Tom Goldtooth is the Director of the Indigenous Environmental Network. He discusses the connections between Indigenous peoples and environmental justice. Mr. Goldtooth has brought issues of environmental justice and the rights of Indigenous peoples to international venues through United Nations treaty making bodies and conventions on issues of persistent organic pollutants, climate change, and protection of bio-diversity.