American Indian Center

Building Use Policy

Reservations for AIC building Usage

  • Activity Request Form: All individuals, student and non-student groups must complete an application request with current contact information for building space usage for any activity to be scheduled in the American Indian Center and/or at the fire ring located near the American Indian Center. An Activity Request Form (available from the AIC office manager) must be completed and submitted to the AIC for review by the director or designee. The Master calendar is maintained by the AIC Office manager. Reservations for building use by faculty, staff, students and community members (university and non-university) must be submitted one week prior to any event.
  • Usage Fee: A fee will be charged on an hourly rate for all non-university groups and/or organizations. All groups must pay the cost for staff coverage during any scheduled event outside the University normal business hours. The hourly rate is determined by the staff and/or student worker pay rate.
  • Cleaning Deposit: All non-campus groups scheduling the use of the AIC are required to submit a $50 cleaning deposit with their activity request form.
  • Student Code of Conduct: All individuals and/or groups using the American Indian Center are required to follow the St. CLoud State Student Code of Conduct; including the alcohol and drug policy as stated in the St. Cloud State student handbook. Violations of University policies and the Student Code of Conduct will be considered in future requests to use the AIC facility.
  • Smoking: No smoking is allowed at any time in the AIC. Smudging and/or the burning of ceremony plants are allowable with the following guidelines: No fire and smoke alarms may be disconnected and/or covered. The fire code limits no more than 13 people in the building during any open flame use. Groups found violating the burning guidelines will be asked to leave the AIC and removal will be considered in future requests to use the AIC facility.      
  • Special Events scheduling: Groups and individuals are permitted to request and schedule space on days when the building is normally closed (evening events, holidays, semester breaks, and summer weekends), if an AIC staff member is willing to serve as a building manager during the request scheduled time. A fee for this use will be negotiated by the American Indian Center Director or his/her designee based on the type of staff coverage, amount of space and time requested.
  • Cleaning/Storage: Groups are responsible for the condition of the AIC after use and will be charged a cleaning and/or repair if necessary. All groups are required to clean up after themselves and because of limited space no storage area is available. All groups will be required to transport their belongings, equipment, and materials for each scheduled activity.  Failure to clean and remove belongings may will be considered in future requests to use the AIC facility.
  • Cancellation policy: Any cancellation by a group or individual received by the AIC office manager up to 24 hours prior to the event will be refunded their charge for building manger coverage. Refunds must be processed through the University and will not be immediate.

Opening/Closing Procedures

  • Opening: Unlock doors and turn lights on throughout the building. Visually survey rooms for dirty dishes, garbage, etc. Put away clean dishes from dish rack, if any. 
  • Closing: Turn off all building lights. Make sure coffee maker or any other electrical apparatus are off or unplugged. Lock both doors, and check basement door.


  • Fire & Smoke alarms: smoke alarms must be connected and operational at all times. Fire extinguishers are located on each floor, main floor kitchen and second floor hallway.
  • Emergency procedures are posted throughout the building. Please call 911 or the emergency public safety number 320-308-3333.

American Indian Center Space Use Policies

  • Occupancy Agreement
    • As established by the St. Cloud Fire Department, building occupancy is limited to 13 people during events with the use of open flames.
  • Outdoor Fire Ring
    • An Activity Request Form is required to have access to this area. Each individual and/or group is responsible for the fire and must follow common fire safety practices. A $50 deposit must be received with the completed Activity Request form to cover the staff cost and have access to water and a fire extinguisher.
  • Kitchen use policies
    • The use of kitchen facilities is limited to the AIC staff. Outside groups will be allowed to reserve the kitchen for use outside the normal building hours. Groups using the kitchen facilities are responsible for cleaning up after their event and emptying the garbage into the outside dumpster.
  • Common area policies
    • Common areas of the AIC are defined as the entry way, living room, lounge, conference room, second floor workroom and computer lab.
    • All common areas of the AIC are opened to all St. Cloud State faculty, staff and students.
    • Restricted areas of the AIC are AIC staff offices, kitchen and meetings rooms designated for special events.