Huskies Advising and Registration

Huskies Advising and Registration

Orientation fee

A $75 fee for orientation activities will be applied to each incoming undergraduate student’s bill at the beginning of their first semester to help optimize Huskies Advising and Registration and Huskies First Four.

New First-Year Students

Welcome to the Husky Community! Your success is our priority. Below you will find important information about your required attendance at a Huskies Advising and Registration event.

Advising and Registration Day Agenda

Check back in March 2018 for the updated Huskies Advising and Registration schedule. If you have questions, call 320-308-6075 or email

What to Bring and What To Do

Government-issued photo ID

Cash, credit card, or check

Transcript andTests

  • Bring a list of college-level courses and/or test scores for college-level credits that have not yet been transferred to St. Cloud State.
  • Develop a list of questions and concerns to address with your advisor. Be prepared to share your personal schedule, including work, recreation, intercollegiate sports and other activities.
  • Take the Accuplacer placement test, if necessary. See “Placement Testing” for more information.

Paying for classes

Placement Testing

Students may need to complete the Accuplacer Placement test to determine eligibility for certain classes. We offer the English and Math placement tests, and specific tests required are based on the major provided at the time of application.

Not all students will need to take a placement test. If you do, we will contact you prior to your Huskies Advising and Registration Day to schedule a time to take the placement test. Tests can be taken at St. Cloud State or at a Minnesota State college near you. Visit the Placement Testing website for more information or for assistance scheduling your placement test.

We will offer placement testing on your Huskies Advising and Registration Day, but encourage you to complete required testing before this to ensure that our advisors make the best possible course recommendations for you.

If you have questions about placement testing, call Undergraduate Studies Placement Testing at (320) 308-8378.

Family, Friends, and Guests

We recognize the important role that family members and friends play in the success of our students. We invite and encourage parents or other support person/s to attend the Huskies Advising and Registration Day with your student.

By attending the day, your guests will learn more about:

Please note that students and their guests will participate in different sessions and will not spend the entirety of the day together. Don't worry - you'll still get to see each other throughout the day!

Due to space availability, a maximum of two guests per person is appreciated.

Learn About Greater St. Cloud


When you reserve your date for a Huskies Advising and Registration Day, we will send you information on where to park. If you park anywhere else on campus or on city streets, you may get a parking ticket.

You can also opt to park in the 4th Avenue Parking Ramp. Rates for the parking ramp and a list of handicap accessible parking can be found here: 


Congratulations again on your decision to join the Husky Community at St. Cloud State University.

We look forward to working with you on your Huskies Advising and Registration Day. If you have questions, please call the Advising and Student Transitions Office at 320-308-6075 or email