Advising and Student Transitions

Academic Advising

Advising & Student Transitions provides academic advising support for:

and houses the following programs:

Students assigned to our advisors meet for help with: 

  • Course registration
  • Creating a graduation plan 
  • Navigating support resources and services 
  • Guidance regarding academic probation and suspension 

Students will also be connected to a faculty advisor/mentor in their field of study, who will support their academic progress and engagement with experiential learning opportunities such as research, internships, and education abroad.   

Advisors will ...

  • Help you clarify your educational goals
  • Understand the Liberal Education Program (LEP) Curriculum
  • Discuss major and/or minor options
  • Provide assistance in course selection
  • Explain university academic policies and graduation requirements
  • Encourage you to be responsible for your own academic progress
  • Provide referrals to additional campus resources
  • Take time to listen

Students / Advisees will …

  • Gather all relevant information (DARs, degree map, catalog, advisor recommendations) before making decisions that affect your educational goals
  • Schedule and attend advising appointments at least once per semester
  • Be courteous (schedule appointments early and cancel or reschedule if necessary)
  • Come prepared with questions and/or topics to discuss about courses, majors/careers, and getting connected to campus
  • Take primary responsibility for course selection
  • Provide your advisor with honest and accurate information regarding your interests, abilities, values, academic progress, and goals
  • Complete a Graduation Plan by the end of their second year at St. Cloud State

Our Mission

The mission of Advising and Student Transitions at St. Cloud State University is to empower students to achieve their goals through holistic orientation, advising, and transition programming using an individualized, collaborative approach in an inclusive and affirming environment.

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