Non-Traditional Students


Welcome - Adult Learners!

SCSU Offices and Services

Below are just a few student offices and services provided at SCSU

Student Health Services

Health Services offers an array of opportunities to students.  Students are able to utilize the clinic, pharmacy, health promotions taking place, immunization information, and answers to insurance questions.

Advising & Student Transitions

Advising & Student Transitions provides students with information to help them make appropriate choices as they work out their academic programs. The staff offer students individualized help with:

  • General Education Advising
  • Academic Resources and Services
  • Major and Minor Options
  • Intended Major Changes
  • Graduation Requirements
  • Academic Probation Advising

To schedule an appointment to see an advisor, call or stop by Advising & Student Transitions.

Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services is your access to technology services at St. Cloud State.  Through the use of your StarID (username), you will have access to an e-mail account, network file space and web space, and the ability to perform coursework activities and access technology-related resources.  Visit the website above to activate your StarID.  Click on “Activate My StarID” (You’ll need the St. Cloud State ID# locate on you Campus Card and your Password).

Lindgren Child Care Center

The Center provides infant, toddler, and preschool-aged care to the children of students, staff, and faculty.  The Center staff is committed to enduring each child’s health and safety while helping children establish trust in their environment, strengthen their self-identity, and ignite their curiosity through productive, satisfying activity.

Counseling and Psychological Services

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is a department within the Division of Student Life and Development that helps undergraduate and graduate students cope more effectively with personal, mental health, and academic issues that arise in their lives. 

They offer free and confidential personal counseling and consultation to promote personal development and psychological well-being and assist students in defining and meeting personal, academic, and career objectives.

Veteran’s Resources

St. Cloud State University welcomes you home and thanks you for your service to our country.  We want to encourage veterans to consider SCSU as an education option because we highly value the qualities of maturity, dedication, persistence, responsibility, and leadership you will bring to our university.   You bring a wide range of experiences from the countries in which you have been deployed and can add to our understanding of the world and our place in it.  We also understand that some of you are facing very significant transitions and SCSU wants to facilitate your move from a very tight knit community of the armed forces to developing a strong social support system here as well. This web page is designed to help you understand the resources available to you at our university.

Women’s Center

With passion and purpose to end sexist oppression, the Women's Center promotes a safe, inclusive and engaged community through advocacy, education, alliance-building and women's leadership.  Services are free and open to students, staff, faculty, and community members.

Student Parent Support Initiative

Minnesota’s Young Student Parent Support Initiative is encouraging St. Cloud State University in supporting and addressing the needs of college age pregnant and parenting young people.  The number one priority for this program here at St. Cloud State University is to work to create awareness of programs and services available for students, assuring that pregnant and parenting teens and young women and men are able to accomplish their higher education/post-secondary educational goals and to assure that pregnant and parenting young students maintain positive health and well-being for themselves and their children.

         Parenting Resources:

Navigating Life's Journey - Parents can sign up for a listserv. One short, parenting e-mail message issent each week on topics for parenting all ages of children. These address everyday parenting issues in a practical way.

Parenthetical - Where parents of tweens and teens learn,share, and connect - This website has options for online parenting discussions. As of Oct. 1, parents will need to sign up with a user name and password.

MomsOnMonday Prep for Parenting Your Modern Family - If someone is a fan of the TV show Modern Family, this would be a great resource. Roxanne Lehmann, Ph.D.,uses the show to illustrate all kinds of parenting topics.

ConnectU - If you are looking for parenting information for special needs, the resources we have from the ConnectU workshops will be useful.

Families with Teens