Non-Traditional Students


What is a Non-Traditional Student?

A Non-Traditional Student is a student who:
  • Is over the age of 25
  • A Veteran
  • Married
  • Has a dependent

Am I returning to school for the right reasons?

This is the most important question to ask yourself. Come up with a career plan to see what is needed to get you on to the right path. Is internship experience something that you need to complete you degree? What are your goals, strengths, weaknesses and passions?

Is being a part-time or full-time student better for you and your life status? How will you prepare your family and friends for this life change?

Let us help you explore your opportunities.

How do I benefit?

We are here to connect you to resources. From locating the writing center on campus to searching for scholarships, we are here to help. Please contact Scott Vosen at

Are there scholarships for me?

Scholarships are available to every enrolled student. 

If I receive other resources, can I still benefit from yours?

Absolutely! At St. Cloud State, on-campus organizations collaborate to give you more access to resources so you succeed in you education and life.

We also help students access off-campus resources, including Bridge to Benefits, Tri-Cap and others.

Are there activities for Non-Traditional Students?

We understand that there is more to life than just school. Many times students need breaks and the opportunity to spend some quality time with family. Teaming with the Department of Campus Recreation, we offer events and outdoor activities for Non-Traditional Students and their families.

Also, throughout the semester we host free events for Non-Traditional Students including Family Movie Night, Chat 'n Chews, Lunch 'n Learns, and Halloween Spooktacular.

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Where can I get help with English and Math?