Off Campus Housing

What's available?

There are more than 10,000 apartments within a 10-mile radius of campus, including 50 apartment complexes on bus lines. St. Cloud State students ride free on Metro Bus buses. Is your apartment complex on a bus line? Check the Metro Bus Trip Planner.

What's the cost?

Major off campus costs include security deposit, damage deposit, rent and utilities. A security deposit may require you to pay the rent for the first and last month of your lease before you move in. A damage deposit of $200-$500 is usually required before you move in.

Typical monthly rent:

  • Studio apartments range from $300 to $400
  • One-bedroom apartments range from $450 to $550
  • Two-bedroom apartments range from $550 to $650
  • Four-bedroom apartments range from $250 to $300
  • Six- to eight-bedroom houses range from $250 to $350

Leases are commonly 12-months in length. Some property managers will offer 10-month or nine--month leases. Few places offer a six-month lease.

Additional expenses may include utilities, parking and laundry. Monthly water and sewer usually begins at a combined $20. Electricity can range from $50-$100a month.

Utility companies do not bill tenants individually. Rather, one tenant must collect shares of the monthly bill from each tenant and then forward the money to the utility.

If you want to live in an apartment, but off campus housing is not ideal, consider Stateview Apartments or Coborn Plaza Apartments.

Need help finding an apartment?

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