Sesquicentennial will recognize St. Cloud State's achievements, community, educational excellence and lasting legacy. It will be a foundation upon which alumni, friends, students, employees and the St. Cloud community can establish an even greater future. 

We will celebrate our 150-year commitment to serving the state of Minnesota and its people, while looking forward to our goal of becoming Minnesota's 21st Century Engaged University. 

Sesquicentennial will recognize the intricate relationship between the University and the City of St. Cloud and the immense similarities in their growth and maturation during their histories. The celebration will demonstrate the significant role the University has played in the development of Central Minnesota and the state of Minnesota. 

Events and initiatives -- from September 2018 to September 2019 -- will communicate the value and relevance of a St. Cloud State education.

Sesquicentennial Organization

Honorary Chairs

Bill Morgan, professor of history, emeritus
Cay Hellervik, friend of St. Cloud State 
Mary Mathews, South Side neighbor and friend of the University
Monica Segura-Schwartz '11, community member


Margaret Vos '72 '82, retired executive director of Atwood Memorial Center
Tom Steman, university rrchivist and professor
Terri Mische, director of alumni and constituent engagement

Executive Committee

Robbyn Wacker, president
Dan Gregory, interim provost and vice president for academic affairs
Matt Andrew, vice president for advancement
Lisa Foss '01 '04, vice president for planning and engagement and chief strategy officer 
Shahzad Ahmad '89, associate vice president for international education
Mark Springer, dean, College of Liberal Arts
Adam Hammer '05, executive director of marketing and communications
John M. Brown, associate director of alumni and constituent engagement
Tracy Ore, professor of sociology
Matt Trombley '97 '00, associate director, operations, Atwood Memorial Center
Jack O'Neil Como '18, former student government president

Sesquicentennial Committee

John E. Brown, associate director of admissions
Dave Kleis '89, mayor of St. Cloud
Christopher Lehman, professor of ethnic studies
Bernie Omann '90, director of government relations
Jessica Ostman '87 '92, student life representative
Jen Sell Matzke '96, assistant dean of students
JoAnne Schaefer, MAPE representative
Wanda Overland, vice president for student life and development
Holly Schreiner '00 '08, associate AD for compliance and student Services
Heather Weems, director of athletics
Jeff Wood '81 '87 '95, director of digital communications
Cathy Coats '13 '17, AFSCME representative
Terry Vermillion, IFO representative

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