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Beth Berila
Full Professor and Director, Women’s Studies Program

Ethnic and Women's Studies Department


My current work focuses on the fascinating intersections of feminism, yoga, and embodied learning. My book, Integrating Mindfulness into Anti-Oppression Pedagogy: Social Justice in Higher Education, is forthcoming from Routledge in October 2015. As a member of the leadership team of the Yoga and Body Image Coalition, I work with other yogis, activists, and teachers in order to to make yoga accessible for EVERY body. We also seek address issues of sexism, racism, heterosexism, classism, ableism, ageism within U.S. yoga culture. I am nearing completion of my 340-hour Yoga Teacher Training and Ayurveda Yoga Specialist training with Devanadi Yoga in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Prior to that, I completed my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification with Senior Anusara practitioners, Martin and Jordan Kirk. In addition to offering some yoga classes for the campus and broader community, I am also incorporating embodiment into my Gender and the Body class, as well as into my scholarship on feminist pedagogy.


Mumbi Mwangi, Ph.D

Ethnic & Women's Studies Department

Associate Professor, Women’s Studies Program

Dr. Mumbi Mwangi received her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in education from Kenyatta University, Kenya, and later obtained her Ph.D in education with a minor in Women's Studies from Iowa State University. Her scholarly and research interests include curriculum and pedagogy, international education, feminist methodology, qualitative methodology, women and education, international/transnational motherhood, and global issues affecting women, particularly, in the third world.

Currently, Dr. Mwangi is a faculty in the Women’s Studies Program at St Cloud State University. In addition to teaching, “Introduction to Women’s Studies” and “Women of Color” courses, she is also working towards completing writing two papers for publication from her dissertation entitled, "We will have gained ourselves: Narrative experiences of African women pursuing higher education in the U.S." Dr. Mwangi is passionate about initiating and establishing partnerships between universities in the U.S. and Africa. Recently, she helped develop an exchange program between Iowa State University and a university in Africa in the areas of Women's Studies and Education.


Barbara Ringstrom

Ethnic and Women's Studies Office Manager
Phone: 320-308-4928
E-mail: bwringstrom@stcloudstate.edu


Advisory Board Members

Affiliated Faculty and Staff


Catherine Fox

English Department

I have been teaching rhetoric and research classes in the English Department since 2004 and I regularly teach a graduate course titled “Feminist Pedagogies and Rhetorics”.   My research areas are feminist rhetorics, critical theory, and queer/lgbt studies.


Kate Gill

Philosophy Department

In 1987 I was the first woman hired in a tenure-track position in my department. As a result of a successful lawsuit brought by Mary Craik, SCSU at that time was under court supervision to rectify discriminatory practices against women faculty. I am, therefore, a “Craik hire.” In 1995 I was one of five faculty to file yet another lawsuit (the third in three decades) against SCSU and MnSCU for discrimination against women. It became a successful class action suit that served as a model for women faculty throughout the state university system. In honor of my role as the first female tenure-track hire in this department, I have created a scholarship fund for women who major or minor in philosophy.

I frequently teach Philosophy & Feminism, typically focusing on international human rights. My research interests include philosophical issues arising in the context of local history. I am currently thinking about Jane Grey Swisshelm, a prominent abolitionist and women’s rights advocate who lived in St. Cloud around 1860. After the 1862 attack by some Dakota against settlers in Minnesota, she became an active proponent of “extermination.” Given this mixed record, should Minnesota continue to honor her?


Betsy Glade

Chair, History Department



Phyllis Greenberg

Gerontology Department


Semya Hakim

Department of Human Relations


Carla Johnson

Philosophy Department


Marla Kanengieter-Wildeson

Communication Studies


Kyoko Kishimoto

Ethnic and Women's Studies Department


Bao Lee

Honors Program, College Counselling and Student Development Department



Christine Metzo

Assistant Director of First Year & Transition Programs


Maria Mikolchak

Department of Languages and Cultures/Department of English


Eddah Mutua-Kombo

Communication Studies


Jane Olsen

Director, The Women’s Center


Tracy Ore

Chair, Social Work Department, Professor, Sociology & Anthropology Department



Elizabeth Scheel-Keita

Sociology & Anthropology Department

I teach courses in gender and violence, sociology of the body, social deviance, social problems, community organizing, and criminology/delinquency. I am activist/community oriented towards the rights of marginalized people, particularly youth. My research interests are in gender and violence, “deviant bodies,” social movements, restorative justice and women involved in the cj system through men they love. Previous research has examined the anti-rape movement, social support and peer reactions to women who have been sexually assaulted, white collar crime in the pharmaceutical companies specifically with regard to women's reproductive technology, and teaching men about rape.  My work has been interdisciplinary, drawing on the fields of sociology, psychology, criminology, legal studies, and feminist studies to understand the complexities of social problems and the relationship between law/legal practices and inequality. Other interests include children's rights, religious movements, state and political violence, alternative families, and alternatives dispute resolution. I am activist/community oriented towards the rights of marginalized people, particularly youth. I also practice the notion that the personal is political and so I read extensively and have interests in bi-cultural relationships, African politics, parenting and educational issues. I have a daughter in college and brand new son.

I teach courses in gender and violence, sociology of the body, social deviance, social problems, community organizing, and criminology/delinquency. My research interests are in gender and violence, sociology of the body, social problems and deviance, sociology of youth, and community organizing. I am activist oriented towards the rights of marginalized people, particularly youth, prisoners, the poor, and am particularly interested in issues of reproductive rights and sexual violence. I research in these same areas as well as women involved in the cj system through men they love.


Tami Spry

Communication Studies


Darlene St. Clair

Ethnic and Women's Studies, Director of Multicultural Resource Center

I am the Director of the Multicultural Resource Center. We support people who are learning about, teaching about or doing research about people of color in the United States. I am Bdewakantuwan (Sacred Lake) Dakota from the Lower Sioux Reservation in Minnesota. My research and teaching interests include American Indian arts and cultural expressions; American Indian education; oral ways of knowing and learning; the intersections of oppressions, particularly race and gender; and differing definitions and understandings of feminism in communities of color.


Tamrat Tademe

Department of Human Relations
(320) 308-4952


Adrece Thighman-Nabe

Associate Director of Admissions


Margaret Villanueva

Ethnic and Women's Studies Department


Angie Witte



Sandrine Zerbib

Sociology & Anthropology Department

My ongoing research focuses on issues of immigration, sexuality and citizenship.  My current research analyzes the effect of domestic partnership laws on gay bi-national couples leaving in France.  I am also currently collaborating with Dr. Downey on belly dance performance and gender politics. I teach courses in Research Methods, Sociology of Gender, Immigration and Citizenship, and Advanced Research Methods. 

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