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Women's Studies Program

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Undergraduate Programs

The Women’s Studies Program at St. Cloud State University offers students the opportunity to either minor or major in Women’s Studies.

We also participate in the Masters in Social Responsibility.

Courses in WS encompass three major areas:

  • Courses focusing on women's contributions in the arts, to family life and human development, to social justice and the betterment of society, and to the development of new knowledge.
  • Courses analyzing the interplay between women's lives and social factors. These courses explore how public policy, institutional practices, cultural norms and social psychology influence the opportunities, lifestyles, and value systems of individual women and how women's own actions impact society.
  • Courses emphasizing advocacy and the development of professional skills.

A WS major is useful for students preparing to work with women in many different contexts: social welfare, therapy, advocacy, and marketing. Those with a grounding in WS will be better prepared to understand and develop pro-active strategies for dealing with intersections of race, class, gender, sexuality and nation, in the workplace, family life, and interpersonal relationships. Graduates of WS programs have put their knowledge and skills to use in a variety of settings ranging from battered women's shelters to legal practice to the business arena. Other students pursue WS to enhance their personal development, to better prepare themselves for careers in male dominated fields, or to satisfy a thirst for knowledge.

WS majors are encouraged to pursue a second major or minors in related or complementary fields of study.

Admission to the major requires:

  • completion of WS 201 with a grade of 2.0 or better.
  • completion of 15 credits of college work.
  • meeting with a WS adviser.

Note: BA Women's Studies majors must elect a second major or a minor program of study.


Major in Women’s Studies

The major in Women’s Studies offers students the opportunity for a more in-depth study of gender power dynamics through their intersections with race, class, sexuality, ability and nation. The WS major is designed as a stand-alone major and helps students develop strong research, communication, collaborative, and critical thinking skills. The major, like the minor, helps students better understand complex issues around diversity in this increasingly globalized world. Our major also provides students with a strong understanding of feminist methodologies and the opportunity to apply that knowledge in a Senior Capstone Course. The major, like the minor, also nicely compliments numerous majors throughout the university, which affords students the opportunity to double major.

Minor in Women’s Studies

 The minor in Women’s Studies offers students the opportunity to develop critical analysis of gender in the context of race, class, sexuality, and nation. The minor nicely compliments numerous majors throughout the university, including Sociology, English, Communications Studies, Community Studies, Psychology, Journalism, and so on. 

For more information on the Undergraduate Major and Minor, see:


Graduate Level

The Women's Studies Program participates in the Masters of Social Responsibility. In the Women's Studies courses that count for the Masters, students can hone their analysis of social justice issues and have the opportunity to apply what they learn through feminist praxis.

For more information on the Masters of Social Responsibility, see:


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