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Women's Studies Program

Women's Center - St. Cloud State University

Mission Statement

The Women’s Studies program helps both students and faculty to forge new and productive relations across the university and within the broader community. Our rigorous program teaches students to analyze gender, race, class, sexuality, ability, ethnicity, and nation as complex intersections of identity. The wide range of Women’s Studies courses in departments throughout the university offer diverse feminist methodologies and modes of inquiry into the complex constructions of gender while maintaining the common thread of critical, intersectional analysis. Our core curriculum develops students’ critical thinking and writing abilities and provides a solid foundation for their studies throughout the university. Women’s Studies students are exposed to hands-on learning and to one-on-one mentoring and advising that helps them make proactive decisions about their education. The multidisciplinary nature of the courses prepares students to communicate across disciplines and to connect global issues with local ones—connections which are vital in this increasingly globalized world.


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