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About the Image on our website

Beth Berila, Ph.D., Director, Women's Studies Program

Our exciting Women's Studies design image featured on this website was created by Nila Barja, an artist in California, who earned her degree in Art from St. Cloud State University!

How did this connection come about?  Serendipity!  After our successful Women's Studies Graduation Celebration last Spring, Janelle LeBlanc (SCSU Advising Center) sent us a lovely thank you card.  The cover of the card featured an image by Nila Barja that really inspired me.  Since we were looking for a logo that would truly represent the the WS Program, I googled the artist, only to discover that while she currently resided in California, she earned her degree in Art Studies from St. Cloud State!  She also studied Commercial Art in the Twin Cities.

I contacted her to see if she would design our logo for the WS Program, and she graciously agreed.  We then worked with Nila and the staff in the University Communications Department to finalize the design.  Special thanks to Marie Madgwick, Phyllis Greenberg, Brenda Tritz, Mumbi Mwangi, and, of course, Nila Barja, for helping to design and finalize this image. 

What has emerged is an inspiring, stylish image that reflects the inspiration, creativity, talent, and beauty of Women's Studies students, faculty and staff.  This image represents the combination of individual identity and collective strength of the Women's Studies community that we aspire to be.  You are all a part of the beauty we are now and the horizon of possibility we embody.

Read more about Nila Barja's wonderful work at http://www.nilabarjaartist.com/

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