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In the effort to meet the goal of optimizing students’ human potential and performance within the current pluralistic and global society, the SCSU encourages the faculty to incorporate global perspectives in teaching and scholarship by way of developing study abroad programs to provide diverse global and cultural experiences for students.  Given that Women’s Studies program now offers Majors and Minors, it has become increasingly necessary to incorporate International/Transnational/Global perspectives in teaching and scholarship. Toward this end, Women’s Studies Program offers a three-week Summer Study Abroad Program to Tanzania entitled “Women, culture and development in Tanzania. 

The education abroad program offers opportunities for in-depth first-hand knowledge and experience of how gender, culture and globalization impact the lives of people (particularly women) in Tanzania and Third World countries in general.  Through field trips and home visits, students will have an opportunity to see how Tanzanians live their everyday lives within the intersection of physical, economic, political, and socio-historical environments.  In addition, this course will create and open new avenues through which to establish mutual academic and cultural goodwill that is crucial for effective understanding of social responsibility issues and challenges at international level. 

 This course counts for Women’s Studies major and minor as well as university General education and diversity requirement.  It is also open to graduate students who might be interested in global issues.  Students will earn 3 credits for WS 399 course and can also register for 3 credit independent study to earn a maximum of 6 credits.  Graduate students who are interest are welcome to discuss with me and arrange an independent study (WS 499) that is related to their areas of study. 

For more information please contact:
Dr Mumbi Mwangi
Women’s Studies Program
209 51B

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