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The Women’s Studies Program highly values the application of course content to the communities in which we live.  Our Program recognizes that learning is an active, multidimensional process that occurs both inside and outside the traditional classroom. Participating in internships offers an invaluable opportunity for students to deepen their understanding of social power dynamics and social change by working closely with a local, regional, national, or international organization. Students can then learn first hand how power dynamics affect people’s everyday lived experiences and how nonprofit organizations work to shape positive change.  Internships also provide students with opportunities to contribute toward a more equitable society. Internships are, therefore, an extremely effective way to integrate theory and practice. 

Students can complete an internship for the Women’s Studies Program with a variety of local, regional, national, and international organizations.  Internship sites can range from community activist or arts organizations to governmental agencies to public charities to educational settings to research groups. The selection of the internship site depends on the combination of student skills and interests, site availability and needs, and student and program learning goals.  

Students can complete up to 4 credits of internship to count toward the Women’s Studies major or minor.  In some cases, a Practicum may also be appropriate, and students may count up to3 practicum credits towards their Women’s Studies degree.  The St. Cloud State University Bulletin defines the two as follows:

WS 444 Internship: “Supervised research or training opportunities provided by women oriented social service and government agencies or by women’s organizations.”

WS 345 Practicum: “Application of theory and research to constructive institutional and social change to improve women’s lives.”

For more information, see the Undergraduate Bulletin,

Students should talk with the Women’s Studies Director to determine which option is more appropriate for them and to determine an appropriate site placement. The decision will likely be based upon the type of experience the applied learning will create as it fits with the students’ learning goals.  The number of credits for either option will depend on the type of projects and the number of hours students will complete.

Note: Several majors that are commonly paired with Women’s Studies majors and minors, including Psychology, Social Work, and Sociology, also require or encourage internships.  If this is the situation with you, talk with your advisors in Women’s Studies and in your major discipline to explore the possibility of double-counting some internship credits.

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