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The Women’s Studies Program at St. Cloud State University offers a unique combination of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary study that prepares students for numerous career paths. Students can pursue a variety of issues and theoretical approaches as they learn to analyze gender in its varied cultural, historical, and global contexts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When are the required classes offered?

As you plan your coursework, please be mindful that some of the WS required courses are only offered in the Fall, while others are only offered in the Spring. Please plan ahead for this schedule.

WS Core Courses Offered in FALL

WS Core Courses in SPRING

WS 201: Introduction to Women’s Studies

WS 315: Feminist Research Methods

WS/ETHS 405: Women of Color in the U.S.

WS 201: Introduction to Women’s Studies

WS 340: Global/Transnational Feminisms

WS 415: Feminist Theory

WS 485: WS Senior Seminar/Capstone

2. I am finishing WS 201: Introduction to Women’s Studies, and I am excited about becoming a WS minor or major. What classes should I take next?

Congratulations on finding WS! We are excited to have you in the program! For most students, it is a good idea to work on electives after taking WS 201. Please choose from the approved WS elective list. Remember that the WS minor needs 9 credits of electives, at least 5 of which need to be 300-400 level. The WS major needs 18 credits, at least 9 of which need to be 300-400 level.

The WS Director sends out a list of all WS courses and approved electives that are being offered each semester, so make sure you are on that E-mail list. Students are typically added to the list when they meet with a WS faculty member to sign up for the WS major or minor. If you wonder whether you are on the list, please contact Beth Berila at esberila@stcloudstate.edu

3. What can I do with a Women’s Studies major or minor?

Anything! The WS Program develops strong critical thinking, reading, writing, and speaking skills. Our students learn how to be effective leaders with strong advocacy skills who can work successfully with diverse audiences.

Our students have gone on to do a variety of careers. Some have paired their WS degree with degrees in Psychology , Social Work, Education, or Mass Communication. These students have gone on to careers in counseling, journalism, or social work with a special ability to focus on marginalized groups.  Others have gotten jobs in nonprofit organizations dealing with issues such as violence against women. Some students have pursued advanced degrees in law or graduate school to allow them to teach. 

Women’s Studies is designed to pair well with a variety of other departments, so we can create a program of study that meets your needs.


4. How do I declare a WS major or minor? 

Make an appointment with a WS faculty member to sign up for the program.  During the Spring, 2015 semester, contact Beth Berila at esberila@stcloudstate.edu to make an appointment to discuss it. Starting Fall 2015, here’s who to contact:

If your family name begins A-L                   Contact Beth Berila 


If your family name begins M-Z                  Contact Dr. Mumbi Mwangi  mmwangi@stcloudstate.edu


5. I see courses listed on the registration system I cannot enroll in because they are set at zero enrollment. What are WS 345 and WS 444?

WS 345: Practicum is an applied, independent project. Students usually take these credits when they have a specific, large scale project they want to pursue that is related to WS.  They work independently throughout the semester under the supervision of a WS faculty member.

To sign up for WS 345, contact either Dr. Mumbi Mwangi or Dr. Beth Berila to see if the project you have in mind would be appropriate for WS 345 credit.

WS444: Internship are credits students can get up to 4 credits for completing an internship. Generally, students arrange the internship on their own by contacting a site and seeing if they have need of an intern. Below are some local organizations with which students have completed internships in the past, but feel free to reach out to others that directly align with your career and personal interests.

Anna Marie’s Alliance                                  

St. Cloud Boys and Girls Club

Central Minnesota Sexual Assault Center

SCSU Women’s Center

Once you have an agreement with the site, then contact either Dr. Beth Berila or Dr. Mumbi Mwangi to arrange course credit and finalize the details.


6. I plan to graduate soon. What do I need to do to make sure everything is in order?

Congratulations!  You have worked hard to get to this point. You need to apply for graduation TWO semesters prior to when you wish to graduate. The graduation application can be found HERE.

There is a fee for filing the application. The records office will review all of your classes and let you know if there are any missing requirements. That is why you want to complete the application in advance, because you want time to remedy any discrepancies they might find.

You also need to apply for Commencement if you want to walk in the commencement ceremony. You can apply HERE.

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