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Write Place Staff


Mary-Melissa Wilzewski

My name is Mary-Melissa Wilzewski, but don't worry, you can call me Mary. I'm a little unusual over here in the Write Place since I'm an undergraduate majoring in the Community Psychology program. The only thing I enjoy more than counseling people, however, is the written word, so being here in 51B is a perfect fit for me, and I am proud to be in my first year as a writing tutor.

I love writing in a variety of forms, from creative to essays to fusions between the two. I also dabble into Visual Design, and I've gotten good at searching through Reference Books since my classes tend to alternate between APA style and MLA style.

If you see me in the Write Place, chances are I'll be sitting with a textbook on my lap and knitting in my hands. I look forward to you catching me there!

Trista Gareri

Hi! Welcome to the Write Place, I’m Trista. I graduated from St. Cloud State with a bachelor’s in English, emphasis in literature. I’m currently a graduate student in the M.A program. My passion for language and literature began at a young age and has developed into knowledge and enthusiasm, which I hope to harness into a teaching career. All of us at the Write Place are here to help, so stop in, even if it’s just to say hello!

Kyle Mackedanz

Hello, and thank you for making your way to the Write Place! My name is Kyle Mackedanz, and I have a deeply rooted interest in anything involving the writing process. With that said, my mission is to aid you in meeting all your academic needs and goals. I am a Communication Arts and Literature (CAL) major with some additional background in elementary education, leadership, and military science. Hunting, fishing, and other outdoor excursions occupy most my time spent outside academics. I also enjoy environmental documentaries, a variety of sports, and saving the world when I have the time!

Come visit the Write Place and let me know how I can best serve you and your academic needs. I look forward to meeting and working with you!

Christopher Reigstad

This is my first year in the graduate English program at St. Cloud and my focus is in medieval, British, and Old English literature, as well as creative writing. I aspire to teach literature and creative writing at a university level, earn a PhD in English and, perhaps, a MA in anthropology in the coming years.

Other interests include medieval history, traditional music from around the globe, and science fiction films and stories. I enjoy hanging out with friends and family, playing music (guitar,piano, erhu, Irish whistle), drawing and watching historical documentaries. Feel free to say hi. (:

Chelsea Christman

Hi, I'm Chelsea Christman, an SCSU senior and lifelong writer. I'm pursuing a Creative Writing major and Communication Studies minor.This will be my second year working at the Write Place, whichgives me an outlet tocollaborate with othersthrough the art of writing. I'm a member of theSCSU Honors Program and Creative Writing Club. This year, I am also ahead editor of the Upper Mississippi Harvest Literary Magazine.At age twelve, I published my first novel, White Lightning (Tate Publishing 2006), accomplishing my dream of becoming an author. Since then, I've published poems and articles, but I've feltmost fortunate to have book signings and author visits at schools. I wish to continue my writing career and become a bestselling author and English professor to influence readers and students positively. Someday, I hopeto travel the world and start a nonprofit organization to help teach the illiterate. I'm always happy to help others; come visit me so we can write on!

Cassie Swanson

Hi! My name is Cassie Swanson and this is my third year at SCSU and first year working at the Write Place. I am a creative writing major with a minor in psychology. As a writing consultant, I look forward to helping fellow students with their writing and getting inspired by new, interesting ideas. I aspire to be an editor, with my ultimate goal being to write books for a living. When I am not working or doing homework, I like to obsess over music, cooking/baking, and writing fiction and poetry.

Stephanie Lemmer

Hey. I'm Stephanie: First year graduate student in Rhetoric Studies. Why rhetoric? Careful, I can go on a bit about the (plastic) manufacturing of reality through the manipulation of language. I like theory. And literature. And cats (and dogs)...I won't tell you how many I house (but if you can do math: The formula is found in the confession that the total number is between two and three times my number of children who number three). Outside of books, I find balance in running, yoga, green juice, goat yogurt and unaffordable coffee and dark chocolate (I recently tasted 99 percent--It was chalky, though I am fond of it even so).

Two decades after my initial stint, I'm back as a writing consultant at The Write Place. This makes me old(er). I'd say wise, also. To be certain, I'm honored to be here.

Benjamin Reigstad

Hello, all. My name is Benjamin, but you can call me Ben. I am an English major with a literature focus, though I experiment with creative writing in my spare time—mostly fiction! I love writing, and one of the goals in my life is to become a best-selling author (my fingers are crossed). I also love animals, especially cats and dogs. I enjoy watching educational documentaries on lions and wolves; these animals are too cool. I am kind of new to The Write Place, and I am super excited to be here. I hope to see you there!

Heather Hollerman

Hello! My name is Heather Hollermann and I am an undergrad consultant at the Write Place. I am a double major in English with an emphasis on Creative Writing and Communication Studies with an emphasis on Relational Communication. I love to be involved in clubs and organizations on campus. I suffer from a serious caffeine addiction.I am very excitedaboutreturning to the Write Place this year and cannot wait to work with you all!

Ari Baumgarten

My name is Ari Baumgarten. I am in my last semester as a Literature major. I love to read and drink coffee (typical English major stuff). I would like to become a professor of modern multicultural literature.

Kathleen Bradbury

Hi, folks! My name is Kathleen Bradbury, and I’m a new Graduate Writing Consultant at The Write Place. I’ve worked as a writer and editorial assistant for the past three years at a lifestyle magazine in the Twin Cities. I received my undergraduate degree in Theatre Arts and English Literature from Augsburg College, and I’m looking forward to getting my Masters in the English Studies program at SCSU. In my spare time, I love to read, work out, cook, and watch Husker football. GO BIG RED!!

Jestine (Jess) Ware

My name is Jestine (AKA Jess) Ware from Rochester, NY. I’m a second year English MA student and a Graduate Writing Consultant focusing in Rhetoric and Applied Writing. My undergraduate degree is in Creative Writing, which means that I enjoy fiction, non-fiction, and screenplays as well as poetry. In the coming years, I hope to work in the field of publishing and make our books more multiculturally friendly. I may or may not want to go onto a PhD, but we’ll see where this masters program takes me.

Alyssa Kilbourn

Hi! My name is Alyssa and I am an undergraduate consultant at the Write Place. I am majoring in English Literature, but I'm double minoring in Rhetoric and Writing, and French. Alors, je parle un peu de francais! :) I prefer analytical writing but I can be a sounding board for creative writing too. I love talking about writing, its process, and brainstorming; so, I'd love to help you with any stage of the writing process. Plus, I like teaching proofreading practices. So if you have questions in those areas I'm here to help!

Alexandria (Alex) Marrone

I am majoring in Rhetoric and Writing as well as Interdisciplinary Philosophy. I was a liberal arts tutor at St. Cloud Tech and Community College for roughly 3.5 years before transferring to SCSU. My future education plans are to attend Grad school and study Applied Linguistics (or related field). I am passionate about tutoring and I hope to one day be a professor of English Language Learners. In my spare time I write fiction and poetry, play D&D, and enjoy debating a variety of topics with friends and colleagues.

Tiffany Purfeerst

I am in my fourth year studying psychology. I am a desk worker and desk supervisor at the Write Place, and have worked at the Write Place since my freshman year (this is my 6th semester).

Taylor Block

Hello, my name is Taylor. Along with working at The Write Place I am a Rhetoric English major, Marketing Minor,and the president of Acacia Fraternity on campus. This is my second (and last) year working at The Write Place, as I graduate in the spring. Outside of my love of writing I enjoy playing beach volleyball, kicking people to the curb in NHL 14, and hanging out with sorority women. I'm also very personable, so don't be afraid to come up and say hello!

Johnathan Luckey

I am from Los Angeles, CA and I have taught K-12 classes since 2001 in California, Kansas, and Minnesota. I have a B.A. and M.A. from Loyola Marymount University and I am currently enrolled in a EDAD program here at SCSU. I live in Minneapolis but I enjoy the beauty and leisure of St. Cloud State University and therefore don't mind the commute. This is my first semester at The Write Place and I hope to have many more. My job is toteach others how toimprove their writing, but what's been most fascinating is that I'm learning how to improve my own writing in the process.

Emily Hennes

Hello friends! This is Emily Hennes, here to tell you how excited I am to be working towards an M.A. in Rhetoric and Writing here at SCSU. I received two B.A. degrees from Saint Cloud State- one in Women's Studies and the other in Film Studies. Some additional interests of mine include a love for vintage clothing and antique items. I enjoy watching Turner Classic Movies or Twin Peaks to wind down at the end of the day. I also love to write poetry in my journals. My journal responses are inspired by various artifacts-found objects, images, etc. I love and cherish the unique and insightful conversations I have with others. In my fist year as a Graduate Assistant, I am quickly learning that the folks at Saint Cloud State have much to offer. I can't wait to embark on this fantastic journey.

Sam Harvey

A wise human once (Who happens to be named A. Non. Amous) said "Whoever said nothing was impossible never tried slamming a revolving door."  To some, writing seems like trying to slam the revolving door.  However, the Write Place is the place to go to help you slam that revolving door.  I'm Sam Harvey and I'm a level 34 nerd (Why 34?  I'll tell you...I don't know, it was the first number that popped into my head) who happens to be a writing consultant and will attempt with every fiber of my being to make you feel welcome, relaxed, and entertained while we work with your writing.

Joseph Dombeck

I'm a senior in the English department's rhetoric and applied writing program, and am pursuing an editorial career in the publishing field. In addition to working in the Write Place, I'm a copyeditor for the University Chronicle and serve on the editing boards for SCSU's Upper Mississippi Harvest and Kaleidoscope student creative writing journals. Besides these academic activities, I just finished an internship at Midway Journal and am starting another assignment with Smith House Press Publishing Consultants. I spend most of my free time traveling the country, and just returned from Texas and Iowa. Next, I plan to visit Maine and Hollywood.

Ted Condon

I'm Ted Condon, I am a desk worker at the Write Place. Currently I'm undecided on a major but I'm sure it will be under the computer science umbrella. I do allot of freelance IT work and occasionally some programming. If I'm not working on something then you can bet I'm asleep.

Nick Erickson

Nick Erickson is a young journalist from Minnesota with big dreams for the future. He is a born and raised mama's boy. He has two brothers, Trevor and Jacob, who have all contributed to him being just a little on the weird side.

In his free time, Nick enjoys spending time with his family and friends, watching whatever sports the television has to offer, working out and staying active, and reading and writing. (And video games: there, I said it.) He is currently a Senior at Saint Cloud State University, where he will graduate with a degree in Journalism and Creative Writing.

John Chang

I am John Chang, a graduate student enrolled in TESL program.  I have taught college ESL reading and writing besides tutoring since I started the program. However, this semester I am doing something different. I am a new writing consultant working at Write Place. I enjoy my new job and look forward to working with everyone.

Arianna Baumgarten

My name is Ari Baumgarten. I am in my last semester as a Literature major. I love to read and drink coffee (typical English major stuff). I would like to become a professor of modern multicultural literature.

Brett Lundquist

Well hello there. Well, hello there. Well hello, there. Regardless of how you want to read it, greetings from planet Earth! Well, from the Write Place in particular. My name is Brett, and I'm an English major (with an emphasis in creative writing) and a minor in sociology. The emphasis in my connection with English is most certainly creativity. I love the freedom of the language, and I love doing what I can to create with it. My goal in working at the Write Place is to share this love, both with my co-workers and the clients. So if you need any help with creativity (or any other form of writing), stop on by and say hello!

Erin Gerber

Hi !My name is Erin. I'm currently a graduate student at St. Cloud State in the Rhetoric and Composition program. I finished my undergraduate career last year with an emphasis in linguistics. I've been working at the Write Place for 5 years now and have loved every minute of it! I started in 2009 as a deskworker and now, in 2014, I am one of the Assistant Directors! :)My main goal is to work in a writing center when I'm finished with my graduate program. Hope to see you at the Write Place!

Xianping He

Hello, My name is Xianping He, and this is my second semester to work as a desk worker at The Write Place. I love my job as a desk worker because I have a chance to meet many new people every semester. Currently, I am a junior student in Saint Cloud State University majoring in Nursing and Community Health. My dream job is becoming a health educator to provide health knowledge and prevention to the people in the community so thatthey could understand disease risks and appropriate ways for improving health status. I am originally from China, if you are interested in knowing more about Chinese culture, please let me know and I would love to share with you a lot of beautiful things about my country:)

Brett Hertzog

I love English so much that I decided to learn it as a kid. When I grew up I became interested in music, being a positive influence, and helping others. In other words, I want to help you write right at the Write Place! Come see me and we’ll see what we can do to your project. Disclaimer: our exchange may change depending on the range of how fair or how strange you wish to arrange your paper. It is up to you! You are the driver of your own work; please come see me if your in need of an oil change or a point in the direction you want to go.  


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