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Becoming a consultant

Students who are interested in becoming writing center consultants either as undergraduate consultants or as graduate assistants should enroll in ENGL 353 (undergraduate) or ENGL 654 (graduate). These courses in writing center theory and practice provide consultants with the conceptual and practical knowledge necessary to one-on-one teaching of writing. Students who successfully complete one or both of these classes are invited to submit letters of application and intent to the Director of the Write Place.

Why be a writing consultant?

Consultants in the Write Place find themselves in a community of student-writers who support and challenge one another, who form lasting friendships, who cultivate and value leadership, self-motivation, and respect and compassion for individuals and groups.

consultants have opportunities to practice such professional activities as public speaking, publication of Kaleidoscope (a multi-cultural literary arts magazine), Praxis (the Write Place newsletter), editing projects, and writing for publication. Many Write Place consultants have traveled to regional and national conferences to present papers and workshops on writing center work, developing their sense of the scholarly activities and adding to their professional resumes in significant ways.

consultants in the Write Place learn to be better writers as they research, consider and converse about the writing of other student-writers.

About Graduate Assistantships

The Write Place is able offer a number of graduate assistantships each year. A variety of experiences in teaching are an integral part of the graduate education in English offered at St. Cloud State University. Writing Center experience expands both the theoretical and practical repertoire of future teachers. Collaborative interaction with a diverse range of writers gives both depth and breadth to consultants'understanding of writing processes and writing as a way of learning. Writing Center work provides aspiring writers with opportunities for extensive focus on and discussion of writing (most consultants report great improvement in their own writing during the course of their Writing Center employment). Finally and perhaps most importantly, the compassion and rich intellectual engagement required of consultants in face-to-face dialogue with writers deepens understanding and respect for students as unique and valuable individuals as well as for their work as producers of new knowledge.

There are two types of positions available to Graduate Assistants in the Write Place and both are competitively awarded. Graduate students can apply to work as consultants in the Write Place. You can also apply to work as the Assistant Director of the Write Place (tutoring experience and successful completion of ENG 654 required). If you would like to plan ahead to position yourself for the Assistant Directorship in the future, you need to consider applying for a tutoring position soon.

Graduate students interested in a Write Place Assistantship should contact Carol Mohrbacher, Director.


Becoming a Deskworker

Deskworkers in the Write Place are the first persons that students talk to when they come into the Write Place. To become a deskworker, you must first be eligible for work study funds. To further qualify, you should be organized, personable, and a creative problem solver. Deskworkers answer the phone, make appointments, do data entry, work on special projects, answer student and faculty questions, report technology problems, and so on. There are many advantages to becoming a deskworker--having ready access to writing experts, becoming a better writer through "osmosis," and being part of the close Write Place family.

To apply, first go to the Financial Aid office to determine if you qualify for work study funds. Then contact the Write Place Director, Carol Mohrbacher.