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About Us

Our Mission Statement

To maintain a fundamental philosophy of collaboration and inclusion.  Within this core philosophy, to offer individualized help and encourage independence in all writers who use the center, respecting the writers’ authority and ownership of their own written work. 

To offer its graduate and undergraduate student staff a venue for professional development, primarily supporting their individualized development as effective peer consultants. 

To respond to SCSU community writing needs in a timely, creative, and ethical manner to promote excellence in scholarship on all levels.

About our Staff

Our writing consultants come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Most graduate consultants are graduate English teaching assistants. They study in the fields of rhetoric, composition, creative writing, linguistics, ESL, and Literature. Our undergraduate consultants represent all colleges and many fields including (but not limited to) English, Biology, Philosophy, Mathematics, Education, Finance, Business Management, and Theatre. All consultants must complete a course in writing center theory and practice to be qualified to tutor. In addition, their skills are updated in weekly staff meeting and training sessions. Write Place consultants actively engage in 80-100 hours of study and training during the first year of their employ. To find out more about our consultants see the staff page.

About our Director: Carol Mohrbacher

Carol Mohrbacher is a product of St. Cloud State's educational system, earning a B.A. in French and an M.A. in English from SCSU. She completed her PhD program in Rhetoric and Professional Communication from Iowa State University in 2003, having written her dissertation on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and its effects on student and faculty authorship. Currently, her research involves a study of Generation 1.5 student writing and an analysis of online tutoring discourse.

Carol's very small lake home provides her serenity and balance. Her husband Dan grounds her, and her animal friends--Lizzie (a wacky poodle) and Toivo and Lempii (2 brilliant felines)--keep her laughing. When she is not teaching or working in the Write Place, she gardens, walks and (like most English Department people) reads bushels of books. She is an almost lifelong resident of Minnesota and says that Bob Dylan's album, Highway 61 Revisited could be the title of her biography, as she was born in Minneapolis, just 3 blocks from Highway 61 and has lived, worked, and gone to school in Sandstone, Finlayson, Cloquet, Duluth, and Lutsen--all towns bordering 61.

Carol has been an ongoing supporter of the collaborative approach to teaching writing and she considers the directorship an opportunity of a lifetime.


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