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Women's Center Scholarship Application
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A Special Scholarship Opportunity!

Reclaiming Life Scholarship
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The Women’s Center and St. Cloud State University are appreciative of the generous gifts of each of its donors. This site contains details about each of the scholarships administered by the Women’s Center. Carefully review the information to ascertain your eligibility and to ensure a complete application file. Please note that the application materials are due on April 2st at 4:30pm.

Please call the Women’s Center at (320) 308-4958 if you have any questions about the application packet or process. The Women’s Center wishes you a satisfying and productive college career.

For Non-Traditional Female Students
at St. Cloud State University
Academic Year 2012/2013

Application deadline: April 2, 2012
Download Scholarship Application (pdf)

- $900 (1 Award)

Claude DelZoppo joined the SCSU faculty in 1957 and was awarded a Ph.D. degree in sociology at the University of Iowa. He was instrumental in developing a 72-credit interdepartmental major in sociology and was chairperson of the Faculty Senate in 1972-73. DelZoppo was an Army veteran, serving in the European Theatre during World War II and recalled during the Korean Conflict. This fund was initiated by friends, colleagues and family members following Claude’s death in 1985.

Who is qualified?
Undergraduate female students who:

  • Are at least 25 years old
  • Are working to overcome significant personal obstacles in order to continue working toward completion of undergraduate degree
  • Have financial need
  • Have a 3.0 grade point average overall (or, if several years have elapsed
    between an earlier period of college education and the present period, it is permissible to use only the present record if, in the minds of the selection committee, they have demonstrated themselves to be serious students)
  • Must be a junior or senior during the award period

(Preference is given to students from the Iron Range – including Duluth and Grand Rapids.)

Download the Application (pdf)

- $2,000 (11 Awards)

Elizabeth Lehman Howard received her two-year teaching degree in 1949, her bachelor’s degree in education in 1954, and her master’s degree in education in 1960, all from St. Cloud State University.

Lehman Howard grew up in St. Paul and in northern Minnesota, and taught at several schools in the St. Cloud area. She had a particular interest in teaching art and reading. Though Lehman Howard hadn’t visited Minnesota for more than a decade, she had maintained contact with close friends in St. Cloud until her death in December 2001.

Who is qualified?
Undergraduate female students who:

  • Are at least 25 years old
  • Have financial need
  • Have demonstrated the ability to achieve academic success in college
    (Applicants may have been in the upper third of their high school
    graduating class or have 24 or higher on the ACT. If a transfer student, they should hold a 3.0 GPA or better in previous recent college work. If, because of age or circumstance, none of these criteria apply, letters of
    recommendation and clear goal may be considered.)
  • Have a personal career goal requiring a college degree in order to help
    others directly, through teaching, a career in medicine, or a similar field

Download the Application (pdf)


Elaine L. Leach, retired professor at SCSU, taught in the field of educational leadership and administration with a long, distinguished career in educational administration. She established this scholarship to support women in this field who need financial assistance for their educational pursuits and career development.

Who is qualified?
Graduate female students who:

  • Have been admitted and enrolled into the graduate program of
    Educational Administration and Leadership
  • Plan to establish or continue their careers as educational leaders in rural Minnesota school districts
  • Have at least three years’ experience as classroom teachers
  • Have well-developed plans for their academic goals toward
    leadership in rural Minnesota. Preference will be given to teachers, principals, superintendents or others aspiring to leadership positions
  • Part-time students are eligible

It is recommended that each applicant submit two letters of recommendation and a letter describing how the scholarship will help her attain her career goals; her plans for the future; how her education will enhance her contribution to her community; a summary of her financial circumstances; and a statement of her special needs.

This award may be renewed for an additional year at the discretion of the
Women’s Center if funds are available. To be considered for a second award, the student must reapply and be making satisfactory progress toward a degree, with an overall GPA of at least 3.0

Download the Application (pdf)


The Grace McDowall Memorial Scholarship was initiated in 1990 by Grace
McDowall’s seven children in memory of their mother. Its purpose is to provide scholarships for female students, 35 years of age or older; who are working toward a degree at St. Cloud State University.

Grace McDowall encouraged women to get involved in the politics of the St. Cloud area. True to form, she served on the St. Cloud City Council from 1960 until 1968, the last four years as president. She also received a number of honors in her lifetime. She was named one of the Outstanding Women in Minnesota by Business and Professional Women (BPW). In addition, a housing project for seniors in St. Cloud (1521 Northway Drive) was named in her honor.

Grace McDowall was active in a number of civic, charitable, and private causes. She served as a Red Cross instructor during World War II. She was vice chair of the 6th district Republicans and, for 25 years, she served as treasurer of the Sherburne County March of Dimes.

She was a member and past president of the Zonta Club of St. Cloud, a member of the St. Cloud Business and Professional Club, St. Augustine’s Christian Women, Daughters of Isabella, Daughters of the American Revolution, Big Lake Study Club, and the Minnesota Federation of Women’s Clubs.

Following the death of her husband, Mrs. McDowall and her son assumed control of the family’s sheet-metal roofing company.

Who is qualified?
Undergraduate female students receive priority consideration, but graduate students are eligible to apply and have received awards in the past.

Students who:

  • Are at least 35 years old
  • Are part or full-time students (award pro-rated for part-time students)
  • Are new or continuing students; any major
  • Have evidence of academic ability; minimum 2.75 GPA required
  • Have evidence of community service; volunteerism or political action and
    work on social concerns in the past and in future plans

Download the Application (pdf)


The purpose of this scholarship is to assist non-traditional female students whose family responsibilities have made it difficult to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Who is qualified?
Undergraduate female students who:

  • Are at least 25 years old
  • Have family responsibilities that have made it difficult to earn a
    bachelor’s degree
  • Have sophomore or junior status at the time of application
  • Have a minimum overall GPA of 3.0
  • Demonstrate financial need

(Applicants must submit two letters of recommendation, one from a SCSU faculty member in the applicant’s major field).

Download the Application (pdf)


Dr. Marcia Summers, faculty member in the SCSU English Department from 1969 until 1996, created this fund to assist single mothers in obtaining college degrees and increasing their career opportunities. The purpose of this scholarship is to financially assist St. Cloud State University students who are single mothers of minor children (the applicants may be never-married, widowed or divorced with custody).

Who is qualified?
Undergraduate female students who:

  • Have demonstrated the ability to achieve academically, as shown
    by attainment of sophomore standing (minimum of 30 credits) with GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Have defined degree and career objectives
  • Can demonstrate financial need

Download the Application (pdf)

THE EDUCATION OF WOMEN - $2,000 (5 Awards)

Mary Jane believed in empowering women through education and was committed to providing opportunities for re-entry women to pursue their educational goals. She graduated from West High School in Minneapolis and attended the University of Minnesota where she received a BA in sociology and Master’s degree in psychiatric and medical social work.

After graduation, Mary Jane worked as a medical social worker at Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago, Presbyterian Hospital in New York City, and Family Services in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Later, she moved to Lincoln, Nebraska, where, as a psychiatric social Worker, she served as intake supervisor and therapist at the Child Guidance Center, a private psychiatric agency for children and adolescents. In 1963, she returned in Minnesota, where she worked half-time in the newly established Ramsey County Community Mental Health Center and half-time as a social work supervisor for the in-patient child psychiatry unit. Young was also a member of the Child Abuse Team in Ramsey County, from its inception in 1969, until her retirement.

Mary Jane Young was a life-long Episcopalian, an active member of the National Association of Social Workers and Zonta International, and an ardent feminist who committed her life, her work, and her resources to the betterment of women’s lives. Mary Jane Young is respectfully remembered by many women of non-traditional age for her generous contributions to three colleges and universities in her home state.

Who is qualified?
Undergraduate female students who:

  • Are at least 25 years of age and a United States citizen
  • Are transfer students who will be applying for admission to SCSU, or
    currently enrolled SCSU students
  • Are single, widowed, or divorced women with custody of children,
    or married women with inadequate resources of their own, who
    delayed their education to raise their families
  • Have evidence of academic promise and well-defined academic
    plans; any major
  • Have evidence of community service or volunteerism
  • Have a minimum of 45 credits completed, full time enrollment preferred
    (Full scholarships are available for students enrolled in 12 credits or more.
    Scholarship award can be pro-rated for students enrolled in 9 -11 credits.)
  • Have a minimum GPA of 2.7
  • Are re-entry married women with family financial base unstable or
    destroyed because of illness, divorce, or other extenuating circumstances
  • Have demonstrated financial need

Students transferring to St. Cloud State University from community
colleges are encouraged to apply.

Download the Application (pdf)


The Women’s Fund of the Central Minnesota Community Foundation is supporting scholarships for women in transition. Women in transition are those who have experienced significant change or difficulty in their lives. Examples include immigration, divorce, abuse, addiction recovery, and early pregnancy. These women regard their education as a means to build their capacity and financial stability.

Who is qualified?
Undergraduate female student who:

  • Is a woman in transition
  • Is a Central Minnesota resident
  • Has a minimum GPA of 2.75
  • Must be half-time student equivalent (Scholarship amount for less than
    full-time study to be prorated.)
  • Shows evidence of financial need

Download the Application (pdf)



Application deadline: April 2, 2012
Download the Application (pdf)

St. Cloud State University values diversity of all kinds, including but not limited to race, religion and ethnicity.
St. Cloud State University is an affirmative action/equal opportunity educator and employer.

This material can be made available in an alternative format. Contact the department/ agency listed in this publication.

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Women's Center at St. Cloud State University

Drop it off to the Women’s Center at 520-5th Avenue South, St.Cloud (across from the Miller Center Library)

The deadline for delivering your packet is April 2, 2012

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