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The Women's Center offers a variety of educational programming including presentations, panels, forums and workshops that examine a variety of issues related to gender, sexism and feminism. Most of our programming is of interest to a diverse constituency including students, staff, faculty and community members, and to both women and men. A sampling of topics that we have addressed through programming in the last two years include eating disorders, sexual assault, women's leadership, politics, perspectives of women of color, women's activism, pornography, women's health, international women's perspectives, work and family issues, and self-defense. Formal programming throughout the year includes National Love Your Body Day, "Women on Wednesday" (a weekly noon-hour lecture series), International Women's Day (March 8), National Women's History Month (March) and Take Our Daughters to Work Day (fourth Thursday in April).

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Victims of sexual harassment, sexual assault, harassment based on sexual orientation, and relationship violence (dating or domestic) are encouraged to report these crimes and obtain assistance from the Women's Center. The staff can help people learn about laws that prohibit these behaviors, legal rights, how to file complaints, and campus and community services designed to help victims of violence and harassment. We serve as advocates in other arenas as well; these include crisis pregnancy, housing and safety issues, and various equity issues.


The center's staff provides support and makes referrals for women seeking assistance with personal and professional decisions. Re-entry, non-traditional and traditional-age students are encouraged to use the center's services. Faculty and staff are also users of center services. We organize occasional support groups depending on need and available resources. Every semester, at least one sexual assault support group is run by the Sexual Violence Prevention Program, but other groups are also organized. Check our support group schedule.

Information and referral

The Women's Center provides information on important community services and issues such as sexual assault, child care, divorce, counseling, crisis pregnancy, eating disorders, dating violence, and sexual harassment.

Resource Library

The Women's Center houses a small, specialized resource library that holds books and other materials by and about women. The center also has files, brochures, fact sheets and limited magazines that address a variety of topics of interest to women: domestic/dating violence, multi-racial and multicultural issues, sexual assault, homophobia, eating disorders, women and work, and financial management.

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Sexual Violence Prevention Program

The Sexual Violence Prevention Program exists in response to the pervasive problem of sexual assault on college campuses, and in the larger society. A combination of education, meaningful policies, and victim-centered services is the framework for the program at SCSU. Incoming students enrolled in six credits or more are required to attend a one-time educational session on the prevention of sexual assault presented by the Women's Center, entitled Respect and Responsibility. Staff and students from Campus Advocates Against Sexual Assault (CAASA) organize Sexual Assault Awareness Month, in addition to special educational programs for student organizations and students in residence halls. A Women of Color Advocacy Project (a collaboration with the Central Minnesota Sexual Assault Center) and the Male Peer Education group offer valuable perspectives and services necessary for a well-rounded sexual assault prevention program.

Services for victims of rape and other forms of sexual assault include support, advocacy, information and referral, support groups, and resources from a specialized loan library. The philosophy of the Sexual Violence Prevention Program is victim-centered, thus victims/survivors receive non-judgmental support to choose services that are best for them and to direct their own process of healing.

The Women's Center is the designated department at St. Cloud State University to collect reports of sexual assault, and students, staff and faculty are urged to report such incidents. Third party reports are accepted and anonymity is preserved. We work closely with the Public Safety Department and St. Cloud Police Department in order to serve the needs of victims. For information, or to report a sexual assault, contact the Women's Center's Sexual Violence Prevention Program at (320)308-3995 or 308-4958.

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The Women's Center implements six scholarships for non-traditional women students at SCSU (transfer students and current students are encouraged to apply). Scholarships include the Mary Jane Young Scholarship for the Education of Women, Grace McDowall Memorial Scholarship, Claude F. and Helen I. DelZoppo Scholarship, Colleen and Jon Petters Scholarship, Elaine L. Leach Scholarship for Women in Educational Leadership and the Marcia Summers Career Opportunity Scholarship for Single Mothers, and they provide more than $13,000 annually for SCSU women students. Application packets are available from the Women's Center on February 1 of each year and are due on April 1. For more information about the specific scholarships administered by the Women's Center, click here Scholarships

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The Women's Center is connected with a variety of local, state, national and international networks via organizational memberships and personal and professional networks. This translates to more information that's available to Center users and staff. We are members of AAUW (American Association of University Women), Minnesota and National Coalitions Against Sexual Assault, National Council for Research on Women and the Minnesota Women's Consortium. The Women's Center receives a variety of publications that keep us in touch with various networks and activist groups; a sampling of these publications include Media Watch, Sexual Assault Report, About Women on Campus, Women in Higher Education, the Women's Research Network News and Color Lines.

We are also fortunate to have developed collaborations and coalitions with groups and organizations on campus and in the local community. They include numerous academic departments such as the Women's Studies Program, Ethnic Studies, Human Relations and Multicultural Education, Social Work, Communication Studies and more. We are well-connected with other Student Life and Development departments including GLBT Services, Counseling and Related Services, and Multicultural Student Services. Various Center staff are also members of local advisory boards and networking groups. The Women's Center is part of a vibrant feminist community that exists on campus and in the local community.

Student Activism

The Women's Equality Group (WEG), Campus Advocates Against Sexual Assault (CAASA) and Size Oppression Support (SOS) have their offices at the Women's Center, but many of their meetings and activities are in Atwood Memorial Center, SCSU's student union. We urge you to get involved in one of the many student organizations at SCSU.

There are numerous benefits to being involved including the development of leadership and organizing skills, the creation of friendships and collaborations, and the acquisition of new knowledge and skills--Not to mention improving society!

The groups listed above are a great place to start, but also consider organizations such as Jugglers Against Oppression, Student Coalition Against Racism, Council of African American Students and the International Women's Club, to name just a few. These organizations need people like you to become active members.

Tapping Into Women's Center Services and Resources

There are three ways to initially tap into Women's Center services and resources. The first is through our website. You can get details about our scholarships, books and videos in our resource library, or programming and special events.

Second, if you want an appointment with an advocate or staff member, call (320) 308-4958 or the Sexual Violence Prevention Program at (320)308-3995 to schedule a time to meet. Same day appointments are possible, but we can't guarantee this because of other appointments and commitments. Each advocate/staff member schedules her own appointments, so if you are comfortable telling the receptionist why you are calling, it will help us to direct you to the right person.

The third way to access what we have to offer is by coming to the Center. You do not need an appointment to use the library, check out the bulletin boards for information, pick up materials, or just look around. We have a comfortable room in our lower level that is available for study and quiet activities that is open to all. Stop by for a tour and a look in our resource library. We are located on the north side of campus in Colbert House North, between Mitchell Hall and the Newman Center. Unfortunately, the Women's Center is currently not wheelchair accessible. Fortunately, almost all of our programming and events are in accessible buildings throughout campus. The Center is slated to move in 2003, and we will then be in a wheelchair accessible building.

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Please call us if you have any questions or want more information. Our number is (320) 308-4958.

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