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General Information:

  • Preparing For Financial Aid
  • 2000/2001 Women's Economic Action Plan
  • River Sister Rituals
  • Physical Activity and Sport in the Lives of Girls
  • Third Wave Foundation
  • Guide Compassionate Shopping
  • Questions and Answers for Immigrant and Refuge Women
  • Dealing Effectively With Annoyance Calls
  • Minnesota Women's Consortium Internship
  • FACES (Filipino/American Coalition For Environmental Solutions)
  • Mission: The MN Women's Political Caucus
  • W.I.N.G.S (Wo/Men Investigating New Goals and Solutions
  • Together We are the Future
  • Together We Will Achieve Disability Rights
  • Together We Can Win Lesbian Rights
  • Together We Will End Racism
  • Together We Can Stop the Violence
  • Take Control
  • Among Women
  • Can You Imagine Someone Telling You How to Have a Party

St. Cloud Resources:

  • Landlords and Tenants: Rights and Responsibilities
  • City of St. Cloud Crime Victims Services
  • Housing Central Minnesota
  • Fair Housing in St. Cloud
  • St. Cloud Area Legal Services
  • Your Human Rights in St. Cloud
  • First Call for Help
  • St. Cloud Area YMCA

St. Cloud State University Brochures:

  • Lindgren Child Care Center
  • ADAPT (Alcohol and Drug Awareness and Prevention Team)
  • Student Life and Development
  • Public Safety
  • Student Health Services
  • The Write Place
  • Self-Paced Courses
  • Student Support Services, American Indian Center
  • SCSU Code of Conduct
  • UPB: Everything Under the Sun
  • The Counseling Center
  • Affirmative Action: Who We Are and What We Do
  • Racial Discrimination and Harassment: Affirmative Action
  • Sexual Orientation Discrimination & Harassment or Intolerance: Affirmative Action
  • University Women's Center
  • WEG (Women's Equality Group)
  • Multicultural Student Services
  • GLBT Services
  • GLBT Peer Support Program
  • Jugglers Against Oppression
  • Ally?

Child Care and Family Services:

  • Let Kids Group Up in Their Own Time
  • Cooperation for the Children Program
  • Parental Leave
  • Do You Hear Her Calling
  • Child Care Assistance
  • Lending Children a Hand
  • Child Care Resource and Referral
  • New Moon magazine
  • Women's Rights in Marriage
  • The Village Family Service Center
  • The Village: Financial Services
  • Do You Need Help With A Family Law Matter?
  • Credit When Credit is Due
  • Financial Management Services

Sexual Assault:

  • How to Help Someone Who Has Been Hurt by Sexual Assault
  • Financial Help for Crime Victims
  • Office of Crime Victims Ombudsman
  • We Are Not Immune
  • Harassment
  • Procedure for Reporting Complaints of Discrimination and Harassment
  • After Sexual Assault, How Can I Help?
  • Central MN Sexual Assault Center
  • Coping With Victimization
  • The Role of Criminal Justice System Personnel
  • Victim Impact Statement
  • Restitution
  • Tips on Testifying
  • Rape and Alcohol- the Connection
  • Sexual Assault: Defining it, Reporting it, Finding Help
  • Assisting the Victim
  • Sexual Harassment including Sexual Assault
  • Husky Shuttle
  • When Drugs Are Used for Rape
  • Am I in a Healthy Relationship?


  • Robbinsdale Clinic, P.A.
  • Access in Crisis
  • Get the Facts on Emergency Contraception: MN NARAL
  • Emergency Contraception
  • After the Fact, After the Act: Emergency Contraception
  • Unplanned Pregnancy Options
  • Making Your Choice: A Women's Guide to Medical Abortion
  • Reproductive Health Decisions
  • Together We Can Win Reproductive Rights
  • God Knows Life Isn't Always Black and White
  • What if I'm Pregnant?
  • Depression After Delivery, Inc.
  • Pastillas Anticonceptivas De Emertgencia / Emergency Contraceptive Pills
  • Pregnancy Counseling and Open Adoption Planning
  • Choosing Abortion
  • Need Help Paying for an Abortion
  • Reproductive Health Care Referral Guide 2001

Women's Health

  • Talking With Your Partner About Using Condoms
  • Your Contraceptive Choices
  • Depo-Provera
  • The Morning After Pill
  • No!  And Other Methods of Birth Control
  • Diaphragms and Cervical Caps
  • A Woman's Guide to Sexuality
  • A Young Man's Guide to Sexuality
  • Case Management for HIV & AIDS in Greater MN
  • MAP, Minnesota AIDS Projects
  • Women and HIV Prevention
  • Testing for HIV Antibody
  • Worried About STD's
  • How to Use a Condom
  • Sex Talks
  • Stress in College: What everyone should know
  • 101 Stress Busters
  • 101 Ways to Make Love Without Doin' It
  • Incredible Stress Facts

Eating Disorders:

  • A Guide to Primary Prevention of Eating Disorders
  • The Emily Program
  • Healing Images
  • What is an Eating Disorder
  • Preventing Eating Disorders
  • How to Help A Friend with Eating and Body Image Issues
  • Am I on My Way to an Eating Disorder?
  • Pressure to Be Thin
  • Body Image: Loving Your Body Through Thick and Thin


  • Becoming a Former Smoker
  • Facts About Smoking and Pregnancy
  • Facts on Women and Smoking
  • Lungs at Work, No Smoking Sign

Breast Cancer:

  • American Cancer Society: The Older You Get, The More You Need a Mammogram
  • SELF exams
  • Breast Health Remember Stickers
  • Seeing is Believing
  • Breast and Cervical Cancer Testing

Battered Women Information:

  • R.A.D: Rape Aggression Defense
  • Domestic Violence in the Workplace & How It Affects You
  • Now You Have an Order for Protection or Protection Order
  • Changing Society Changing Lives
  • Helping the Battered Woman
  • Know Your Rights
  • Domestic Violence Tears a Community Apart
  • Order for Protection
  • Quiz: How is Your Relationship

Health Clinics

  • Quiet Care Clinic
  • We Make Getting Women's Health Care Services as Easy as Walking in Our Door
  • Mid Minnesota Health Clinic
  • Caring. Affordable. Confidential. Health Care for Women
  • Journey Home: An Extended Care Facility for Chemically Dependent Women and their Children
  • Chrysalis: A Center for Women
  • Tucker Center for Research on Girls and Women in Sport
  • Female Physicians in the St. Cloud Area
  • New Beginnings: A Home for Pregnant Women and their babies
  • Help Defend Reproductive Rights: Planned Parenthood
  • Volunteer or Intern for Planned Parenthood
  • Women's Treatment Programming
  • Reproductive Health Care Referral Guide 2001
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