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About the Center
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  • Creating a safe and non-sexist environment at SCSU
  • Supporting a strong and diverse feminist community at SCSU and in the surrounding community
  • Engaging in activism to challenge institutional and individual sexism.
  • Providing and facilitating new leadership in an effort to transform a culture to one in which women's perspectives, achievements and scholarship are valued.
  • Offering feminist models for teaching about attitudes and values that are supportive of diversity by race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, physical ability, class and other differences that traditionally divide people.

Core Values

We are committed to:

  • Providing the highest quality services possible to our constituents
  • Respecting differences and working toward greater diversity and inclusiveness
  • Defining our work from varied feminist perspectives around women's culture, women's oppression and women's resistance.
  • Demonstrating civility in all discourse
  • Responsible use of fiscal and human resources to serve students in fulfilling the goals of Student
  • Life and Development and the University mission.

In summary, we are a group of women and men, diverse in all sorts of ways, but all committed to social justice and women's liberation.

The Women's Center, alone, cannot erase or challenge all sexism or other forms of discrimination and oppression. Our efforts must be combined with other departments and organizations, faculty, staff, students and community members to promote justice, equity and a safe and welcoming learning and working environment for all.

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